Help needed, Rolex Milsub for sale.


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Ok guys here's the deal.

I'm in NZ, the watch is in London. I've given the Rolex paperwork that states they have the watch to my mother who is still in the UK. I basically sent the watch to Rolex for a light dust and polish as it was the best way of getting it authenticated. Apparently there are a few fake rolex's around...

The watch is 100% genuine and has all it's original parts. I've asked Rolex to give me a new pussers strap for it as they still have some in stock. This will probably be viewed as a bad thing as the anoraks will probably want the old grime and sweat covered old strap as well......I could probably find one of my old ones if needed.

I need someone to take some good quality close up phots of the bits that make the watch special. Solid pins, sword hands etc. I'll look at some spotter websites and find out what turns them on and let you know what needs pictures.

I'll try and come up with some dates to meet up at rolex for you and we'll go from there.

Many thanks,



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Thanks Guys, apparently Bonhems have 2 milsubs up for auction on the 10th June so that will be interesting to see what they go for. I'm away all week but will try and get some dates together for a meet in London. This website seems to have the style of photos needed. But I have no intention of taking the watch to pieces!!

Scroll down a bit and you'll get to the pictures.

Am I right in thinking that these watches, which are in Bonham's sale on June 10th, are similar to the watch you are selling?

BTW this one sold for a lot of money but was particularly special:

BTW I would seriously recommend that you consult the experts at Bonham's before you tinker with the watchstrap.


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Yep, that's the one. The watch strap I have had put on is a pussers issue normal grey one. The watch has all its original parts including solid pins, the reason I have had a new strap is my old one was honking. If someone really wants a watch strap with years of sweat, grime and kebab sauce on it I'm sure I can find the old one.

The watch is at Rolex at the moment, I'd better give them a bell to find out when the Corps got it as I only know it's history from 1987, I think it was 1976.


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Just a bit of an update.

The offer for H4h isn't dead in the water, it still stands. I have unfortunately been inundated by lots and lots of time wasters and tossers.

There must be lots of websites out there full of the pricks, (if there is I don't want to know, seriously, I don't) If I had fifty quid for each knob jockey I've dealt with H4H would be rolling in money by now. So I'd just like to say to any Milsub fantasist who happens to read this, Fcuk off eh, no I'm not going to give you all the serial numbers, no I'm not going to just give out the watch's service history because funnily enough it kind of matches mine and I don't know you from Adam and where the fcuk did you people learn about these watches? if I have another t**t telling me all about how, and to who, and why these watches where issued I swear I'll go kill something. Hello dopey fcukers, guess what.....I got issued one, I happen to know other servicemen that got issued them as well, get over it and embrace reality, not some kind of alternative history that gets made up in chat rooms. In short, go look at trains and stop bothering me.

On a more positive note, I have a couple of dealers across the world, USA and OZ (isn't the internet wonderful) who are talking serious money and are quite grown up about the whole watch world so all is not lost and I hope to end this saga and get some money to H4H fairly soon.

I can't claim to know very much about the world of high value, specialist watches, but was wondering whether taking it to Bonhams and asking them what it would fetch in their next Fine Watches and Wristwatches Sale and then asking for it to be included is the way to go? They wouldn't mess you about. I'd certainly recommend getting a proper value on it - you don't want a buyer ripping you off.


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Naval_Gazer said:
Blobs - In case no one else has mentioned it, I understand that Rolex produced this type of watch for the specific purpose of telling the time.
Well they fcuked up there then, never had anything strapped to my wrist that was so bad at time keeping, even that "specialist" whore in pompey couldn't lose time as fast as a Rolex. :p

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