Help needed - remember Pongo and Proud of it?

Right, here's the deal. I have been ripped off by someone on E-Bay. :evil:

Clever scam really and not a lot of cash, but enough to piss me off royally. He accepted the PayPal payment, then gave me a tale about PP not working, refunded the payment and asked for a cheque, which I sent him. Still waiting for the goods and no reply to e-mails.

So, recalling how clever some of you lot were when hunting down the Jock barber posing as Pongo and Proud back in February, I am asking for some help here.

I hate computers (ask my last WEO!!) and can just about switch it on and was really impressed by how some of you managed to get so much information on PP so quickly and seemingly easily. So, I have this shit's name, E-Bay account and the address to which I sent the cheque. What I would like is to be able to contact him with enough information that I can use to get my cash back, the goods or to give to the authorities.

The intention would be to do this by PM, as it is my private problem.

So, if you are capable and bored, please contact me by PM and let the games commence.

Thanks in advance!!

JJ and Blackrat could of course be on standby further down the line!!


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I've just hacked your fleabay account. Why did you bid for a red snooker ball, leather strap & jump leads from the seller Delboytrotter?
witsend said:
I've just hacked your fleabay account. Why did you bid for a red snooker ball, leather strap & jump leads from the seller Delboytrotter?
because he thought you'd like them...


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I'm ready to go and i've worked out a plan.

Get the swines address.

Jonno, Monty, 2DD and me will be the assault team. We will dress all in black with respirators on.

You lot can create a diversion outside the wankers address. Some sort of street theatre should do the trick.

While this is happening, Monty & 2DD will enter through the front, Jonno and i will use the back doors. Obviously we'll have to smash them in.

When we find the twat, we'll ask him where all his valuables are and rob him blind. We'll bug out but only after knocking one out in his pig of a wifes knicker drawer, and we'll torch the gaff. Then we'll take him to the boathouse and get him to paint it. Once he's done, we'll sell him to some Bedouin claiming he has a nice virgin bottom just for their use.

word of warning

If you sent the guy a cheque --beware of your bank account being
ripped off. Personal cheques contain all your bank details and the guy obviously knows your address name etc etc.

If you ever send anyone money get a Post Office crossed cheque[postal Order] you might have to spend a bit more dosh but at least your bank account details are safe.
And you have some comeback if the person says he didn't recieve it
or its cashed by someone --its traceable .

You still have the ebay complaints /feedback to wipe him out anyway



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I've yet to have a problem with the fleabag, but I always have a check of the feedback before I buy and use paypal. As Greenie says, be carefull now that you've handed over your email/info and appear to have been conned. Sort out your banking, just to have a piece at mind.

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