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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrismonc87, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. hi
    i did a 2.4k last week and did a time of 12:07 and this week im no where near it what should i do.
    i know 12:07 is a sh*te time i was looking farword to doing it today to beet it and i did it twice and both time i couldnt do it 1st time i burned out after mile and second i was way to slow what should i do. i want to join the navy more then any thing and i have done the navy fitness program and i am on week four of it and i want it so bad please someone help me
  2. first of all you need to stop worring about it so much,i would keep doing what your doing and time yourself in a couple of weeks see where you are then
  3. Well first of all try grasping an acceptable use of the English language, people will probably be more willing to help if your post is not complete "mong speek innit!".

    My advice, work harder.

    I worked in a call centre for 18 months before my PJFT, eating bic macs every other day and all that jazz. The first mile and a half time after 18 months of no working out i can manage 11:35, my PJFT time was 9:22. Now im down to a pretty comftable average of about 9:30, and a best of 9:12 on the roads. I'm going to be waiting to March next year untill i go to Raleigh. I'm not pushing myself too hard as i have plenty of time to get my fitness levels to scratch.

    Just get out there on the roads and run, get some decent running gear and work your way up in the terms of distance's and how often your out running.

    Best of luck.

    Edited as i also have the abililty to use mong speak!
  4. thats funny telling someone to grasp an acceptable use of the English language then saying "im going to be waiting to March next year" classic!!
  5. cheers

    i was just so happy last week. i wanted to join when i was 17 but i couldnt run to save my life i never got bellow 12:20 when i did it last week i was so happy (i know its a sh*te time and most people on here can do it in 10 mins or less and im know where near that) but that was my aim to do under 12:20 then carry on now i just feel like it was a fluke and that i will never do it again i even have heart of oak on my playlist to spear on last week it worked but this week when it came on i was know where near where i was last week. (someone people will prob laugh at me i know lol but oh well)
    cheers again mate
  6. Sorry about the "massive" mistake.

    Fair enough i would take that criticism from someone who can structure a sentace without sounding like a complete fcuktart.

    But you on the other hand, jog on.
  7. Just keep working hard!

    Don't get me wrong it is not easy! Getting that time down for me took alot of hard work and putting the miles in.

    Try and go on a few longer runs and try to achieve a reasonable pace, don't just stick to running the 2.4km.

  8. dont worry what most other people can do it in, just keep up the training and you'll get there
  9. Hi

    Sorry for the "mong" speak.
    I am on week four of the plan and its only my second 2.4k run the other weeks have been longer runs. Should i just stick to doing 3+ mile runs for now and now and then do the 2.4k run.
    I hope i havn't sounded like a mong this time
    cheers chris
  10. ha ha ha fcuktart?? i like that one
  11. Don't worry too much about going over 3 miles. To be honest if you stick the booklet and make sure you work as hard as you can, the fitness will come.

    Take an extra day off here and there aswell if you find you havnt quite recovered. Just make sure you push yourself otherwise you won't really get anywhere.

    Like i said before it boils down to some hard work, you have the programme, use it ;).
  12. Hi cheers

    yea i have done every thing it says so far i'm on week four of it and only hard part of it was the first week of it now i'm enjoying it (till today) but will keep it up and try again in a few weeks. Do you think i should do i 30-40 min run every running day insted of doing the 2.4k till week 6 or 7
  13. Chris, do some speed training. I can tell you how that's done if you want. I used to be so crap at running, but speed (or interval) training has built up my speed and endurance.

    How much time do you have until you have to do your PJFT?
  14. hi joe

    yea please mate any thing that helps. got bout 2months i think i know its loads of time but i just wanna do it before i have a date so i'm not stressed if you understand
    cheers joe
  15. Hi Chris,

    Hope you are ok!

    Speed training, also called interval training and fartlek (meaning "speed play" in Swedish) training is a highly effective technique used by professional runners.

    Ok, what you do is you start off running (as fast as you can) for a short time. Then you give yourself a recovery jog and you keep alternating between the two. So you go fast, then slow, then fast, then slow etc.

    So for example, you could start off in week 1 doing a 1 minute sprint followed by a recovery jog of say 4 minutes and you alternate between the two for say 30 minutes, but the times are all up to you.

    Then in week 2, you increase the sprint time to 2 minutes and make the recovery jog longer than 4 minutes, to say, 5 minutes and keep alternating between the two for 30 mins.

    So, every week, you increase the time you spend running fast (in this example, 1 minute).

    This is really important advice: make sure you run 3 times a week or more to build your fitness levels.

    Also, you will need a stop watch so you can time your sprints and recovery jogs.

    Hope this is clear! If not, let me know!

    I PROMISE you, if you do nothing but speed training 3 times a week, your times, your speed, your overall fitness will improve!
  16. hi joe

    so if im doing it for a minute do i do a minute straight or say 10 seconds then jog then 10 seconds then jog etc

    and im fine thanks just bit gutted bout to day

    cheers chris
  17. Hi Chris,

    The times you spend running fast and slow are up to you. If you know you can run fast for 1 minute, then start off with that. The time you spend on your recovery jog, is again up to you, but it should be longer than your sprint.

    So if you sprint for 1 minute, then your recovery slow jog should be longer than 1 minute.

    So you could do 1 minute sprints and 4 minute recovery jogs.

    So, you start off with:

    1 min fast sprint

    4 minute recovery jog

    1 min fast sprint

    4 minute recovery jog

    1 min fast sprint

    etc............keep alternating for say 30 mins, but it's up to you. Do these speed sessions 3 times a week

    Then week 2, you increase the time you spend running and also the time you spend jogging.

    So by the time, you do your PJFT, you should be able to run 1.5 miles at sprint speed
  18. ok so how many 1 mins do i do a day eg 5 mins then 20 mins etc
  19. ok cheers for helping you two
    i have a .5m lap i do so if i run the straight where i live and jog round back to where i live then sprint again etc
  20. Not edited enough.

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