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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by henners, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. My dad had a brilliant week long reunion with his ship mates from 40 years ago... They got on like they'd never been apart. To remind us all of the fab week we all had I have made a photo album.
    I am looking for some help with choosing a Navy saying or quote or song that I can put on the front page that explains about old salty sea dogs, their friendship & the Navy..??

    Any ideas are much appreciated all I have found is this...

    There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship. ~Author Unknown

    I'd put the one Navy song I know but it's rude... It starts "she's a great big fat cow for all the world to see!!" Not really appropriate?!

    Thank you!
  2. Henners, have a read of this thread. It has loads of song lyrics, some of which may be clean.
  3. This came in an email the other day, could stick it inside somewhere:

    Old sailors sit
    And chew the fat
    About things that used to be,
    Of the things they've seen'
    The places they've been,
    When they ventured out to sea.

    They remembered friends
    From long ago,
    The times they had back then,
    The money they spent,
    The beer they drank,
    In their days as sailing men.

    Their lives are lived
    In the days gone by
    With the thoughts that forever last.
    Of the bell bottom blues,
    Round white hats,
    And good times in their past.

    They recall long nights
    With the moon so bright
    Far out into the lonely sea.
    The thoughts they had
    As youthful lads,
    When their lives were wild and free.

    They know so well
    How their hearts would swell
    When the flag fluttered proud and free.
    The underway pennant
    Such a beautiful sight
    As they plowed through an angry sea.

    They talked of the scran
    Ol' cookie would make
    And the shrill of the bos'n pipe.
    How salt spray would fall
    Like sparks from hell
    When a storm struck in the night.

    They remember old shipmates
    Already gone
    Who forever hold a spot in their heart,
    When sailors were bold,
    And friendships would hold,
    Until death ripped them apart.

    They speak of nights
    Spent in bawdy houses
    On many a foreign shore,
    Of the beer they'd down
    As gathering around,
    Telling jokes with a busty whore.

    Their sailing days
    Are gone away,
    Never again will they cross the brow.
    They have no regrets,
    They know they are blessed,
    For honoring the sacred vow.

    Their numbers grow less
    With each passing day
    As the final muster begins,
    There's nothing to lose,
    All have paid their dues,
    And they'll sail with shipmates again.

    I've heard them say
    Before getting underway
    That there's still some sailing to do,
    They'll say with a grin that their ship has come in,
    And the Good Lord is commanding the crew.
  4. Life in a Blue Suit
  5. Brilliant - just what I needed! Thank you x x x

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