Help needed medical deferral or fail?

Hi, went for 2nd medical today and have been failed due to a low peak flow and because my bmi was under ? Does this mean I am perm unfit or can I reapply ? I've had ECG's, echocardiogram and all of that from my first medical. I applied over 9 months ago gutted isn't the word
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I'm sure the doctor said at the end if you were TMU or PMU?

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Well I guess that's your answer. If you were PMU then you wouldn't be able to reapply. You will find out the best advice from your AFCO.


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I agree with Wrecker - you have been given the year to improve your BMI to meet the entry requirements. This is for your musculo-skeletal health during basic training which will put your bones, joints, ligaments etc under a lot of stress. As for your Peak Flow diary, I suggest you start this a month before your year, so everything is all lined up when you go back to the Doc. Good luck.

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