Help needed from rum lovers!

Discussion in 'History' started by TheLastStoker, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. Ok random question, i recently bought a roughly 2 gallon jug of.......possibly old rum! however i have no idea how too find out what it could possibly...actually be!

    Since I'm a bit of an R..Tard, i cant upload a picture at the min.HOWEVER i can upload a picture of what it looks like!


    Almost exactly like this, however there is no sign on it! and the wicker looks alot ....better quality almost!

    Also there is a red band painted about half way up the jug all the way round!

    And there is a red wax seal on the mouth of the jug!

    ANY help at all would be a huge help!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. You are describing Pussers rum as issued to us lowly folks until miss musters on the 31st July 1970 which was a Friday. Black Friday.
    Other jars contained obnoxious liquids like vinegar etc and the contents were known by colour coding the wicker cradle.
  3. So just too double clarify, the red band is definatly rum! if so I'm so happy that i managed to find it for as little as i did!
  4. Where do you live. 8O
  5. Sippers please
  6. Nah, that's old paint thinners in there, with the red band.

    Tell you what, for a small consideration I'll take it off your hands for you.
  7. Because its Christmas, I am willing to meet you and open the Jar. If you bring a couple of tot glasses (half pint ) I will consume a few glasses.
    If after about four glass fulls I am still upright it is Not Rum and not toxic.
    If after the same I am rolling on the floor careful observation needs to be made of the following,

    1/ Did I make a racket before I fell?
    2/ Was there any singing dirty dits?
    3/ Did I offer to punch any-one's lamps out who tried touching the glass?
    4/ Whilst slipping into coma did I have a contented look on face?
    5/ Did I try shagging anything between puberty and 80 preferably female with a pulse?
    If yes to all or any of these questions, its Rum so enjoy.

    If the answer is no, and you cannot wake me , Call a Fcukin ambulance as quick as possible.
  8. Yup that is definitely rum, I have 2 such receptacles one of which is still full! The other is/has been sampled each and evry Christmas since . . . . . .
  9. Thank you all for the help!

    Just too let you all know i picked it up for about £100 from someones garage!

    Also it is also full too the brim pretty much!

    However..........none of you dirty rumrats are getting anyway near it...........tis all getting save for a special occasion....or if i find myself in hard times so i can sell!

    Many thanks

    One happy stoker!
  10. I purchased a gallon jar of real Pussers Rum from Gib in about 1978, it cost £8 but I was clobbered £30 Customs :(

    It was as you described, but alas its long since consumed :cry:
  11. name your price
  12. Warning......these old jars contain the only real WMD....great caution is advised, unless of course you are an Old Fart and have lived the life, spun the dit, spent more time on one wave, knew 'Old %ucky of the Hood', and trapped more than your fingers

    Misty memories?
  13. :crybaby:

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