Help needed for Discipline Record

needing help

Guys and Girls.

Thank-you all very much for your input and advice on this matter. I was able to have a great conversation with some nice lady in the Disclosure Cell at Whale Island. Basically if your record is clean then no files exist, the S3300D is just an empty peice of paper that will tell the reader nothing.
The lady has confirmed with all the different departments and offices that as suspected my discipline record is clean so no files exist and nothing can be provided. Therefore she is happy to write me a letter to state such.

Glad to learn that CDF has prevailed and with it a likely happy ending.

BTW - Now that you've found RR don't forget to return from time to time to update us with your tales from Oz.


needing help

Will do thanks.

Just been having a nose around the naval myths - HAHAHA, still laughing about the Chuckle Brothers being good at the stores party - to me to you..... priceless, whoever posted that, thanks, really made me laugh....