Help needed for Discipline Record

Hey up. I recently retired from the good old Andrew, given pages of info, took my ID card off me and sent on my way.

Without really needing much i accepted the paperwork, Valedictory and Certificate of Service with normality and inserted them into my RN Scrap Book.

Now wind the clock 12 months. I am towards the end of applying for a visa to go and live elsewhere, every piece of information with my name on it has been scanned and sent to their Immigration Department, but still this is not enough.

They are wanting a document which shows my conduct during my full career. They have cpoies of my old SC, 10 write-ups, 3 referencies, Valedictory Certificate and Discharge certificate. But none of these have been sifficient to tick the conduct requirement.

I have seen a copy of the Dicipline Sheet on JPA but if being like me, a good boy (or not being caught) this sheet is blank, nor does it show any dates of service so even if i could access JPA this wouldnt be good enough. I have called JPAC and they cannot help, likewise spoken with RN disclosure Cell, they are thinking about it. Now, not being to only person to have left the Andrew recently, can any of you guys and girls advise me on what document or printout can satisfy this requirement?

If i knew the name of the required document then i am sure the RN Disclosure Cell will be able to help.

Please help a frustrated ex-matelot.
Thanks for your replies.

As for the ACPO, we have just received our Police Checks, these have come back no trace (not got caught) and i confirmed with the imm dept that this included a check of the military disipline records, but thats not good enough.

I have tried the SPVA, Spoken with JPAC and contacted the RN disclosure cell. All would like to help, but without knowing the exact document/form its hard for them to help, especially with the timeframe i have had enforced upon me.

Just wondered if anyone else has had to provide such a thing, so would know exactly what i need to ask for.

I was led to believe at the Discharge Certificate would show any serious issues in your disipline record, or conduct, but if it doesnt mention it, then yours is claen, again this is not good enough. Even tried to old, here is a photo of me just before i left in Nos1s the little B&W medal is blah blah, i know longer word GCBs being a CPO but referring to me old SC you cauld see i have 3 GCBs and 1 LSGC, i explained you need to be a good boy (or clever not to get caught) to retain these awards. You guessed it, still not good enough.
I know others who have applied with the same immigration department have not had this issue, i know others have given their discharge Cert and Valedictory report and that has been suitable. But it seems we have a major jobsworth who will not budge on his requirement.
If I recall correctly didn't the old SC have a corner with a scissor line running diagonally across the page, and typed was something like 'If this corner is missing this person has been discharged from the RN', basically if you got hoofed out the corner would be cut off.. could be wrong though.
You might be looking for your Conduct Record Card (S3300D), which if you had one in your docs when you left the RN would have been archived with all of your other documents.

and Chaz, yep, you're right. Guess what, they also have a scanned copy of that document, every page of it, with a written explination of what each section was for. a copy of the instruction for no longer using the SC, an explination about the old cut coner trick. BUT STILL NOT ENOUGH.

I know this will probably pee you all off, i keep dismissing all your advice, its not my intention to dismiss it. It seems i have tried EVERYTHING, but its still not enough. Its not like the UPO give you a school report, "this man did good between 1986 to 2010 and didnt do anything wrong, nor got caught for doing any thing wrong" Well except for being in WRNs Qtrs after hours with my bird and got 3 days 9 and 3 days pay (both of us).
If I recall correctly didn't the old SC have a corner with a scissor line running diagonally across the page, and typed was something like 'If this corner is missing this person has been discharged from the RN', basically if you got hoofed out the corner would be cut off.. could be wrong though.
You are correct but I think the wording is "has been dishonourably discharged".


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Are they looking for the document which the pongo's issue to their types on leaving. I seem to recall its a red book listing all ranks, courses, discipline etc. All in one place and in a reasonable tidy format. Drakey may have hit the nail on the head with his suggestion so that combined with all your other paperwork (SC etc) could combine to give them everything they need. Just may take some explanation!
Drakey, thanks for your reply, sorry i cannot reply to you message, stuck at work and the IT dont like it.

I think that is exaclty what i need, but does it show your dates of service aswell, or just a blank sheet if your a good lad, or fast runner, or even a good blagger when the Joss is about?

Having never seen mine, or anyone elses, i dont know what is on a S3300D so cannot say if it would help.

Does anyone have an electronic version of this form i could look at?
Not too sure of the full content of the document. It does however record all of your misdemeanours (the one's you were caught doing) throughout your service. It doesn't exist anymore as it is all recorded on JPA, but everyone would have had one in their docs whether they had misdemeaned (is that a word) or not.
The form you are talking about is the yellow record form that only the crushers and UPO staff ever saw. When I was a DO we never saw our divisions forms. I was given mine when I went outside and have still got it (and it's blank :angel5:).

I can have a go at scanning it if you need to eyeball one so you know what you are looking for. Believe it was called a Ratings Conduct Record.
Ive just checked the docs I got on discharge in 1988 and there is one which is a s.1560 called a certificate of discharge from regular service in the royal navy. This has when you joined, name, number etc but it also has Character on discharge. On the back it says this is an overall assessment of the mans character throughout his RN service and has been awarded on an inter service scale from the range "exemplary, very good, good, fair, and unsatisfactory". It is based on the annual character assessments on his certificate of service of which the highest attainable "VG". I was on punishment about 5 times during my service but still came out exemplary so I would imagine unless you went over the wall or were kicked out most people would be classed as exemplary. Probably the number of this document has changed but would still be called certificate of discharge. I was released at Cochrane and this certificate was typed up with a chief writer`s signature.
dhoby. Thanks for that, sadly you dont get anything as formal as that anymore, its a standard print out of JPA forms that are sent to you in the post by the Defence Sec himself (OK, sure???) This i am told will only have your conduct referred to if you were caught, but if not its not mentioned. So yet again, he has assessed this as not suitable. AARRGGHH. If only he would listen to reason, but no, he is adamant he needs the document he wants and without it he is not willing to proceed with the application.
Could you contact the Oz Embassy and ask for them to clarify exactly what the **** they want from you? As it seems as though you are showing them everything the navy gives you and they arent happy. :)

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