Help needed - Chartering a Handymax or bigger


Need some help here. Been offered a substantial loose cargo which belonged to a company that has gone bust. However, I have no idea of shipping and freight etc.

I need to position a Bulker to load in the Egyptian Keys , Port Said/Alex and unload at Bristol.

Cargo is some 10Kt . I really need to be able to find a bulker in the next 14 days. So my questions are..

How do I best go about finding a bulker already positioned or close to the loading port?

Which companies should I avoid?

Are there any forums out there where people talk Handymax and upwards all day?

Does anyone have an idea of LCL freight rates from the Med to the UK at the moment?

What's Bulker availibility like?

Would I be better off paying a per ton rate, or a charter rate for a 12-14 day journey?

Would I be better off using an agent, or doing it myself?

Sorry to ask what may be bone questions, but I've never got into shipping on this scale before!

All help much appreciated! :D


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