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Help much appreciated


Hello everyone. I found and signed up to rumration about 10 minutes ago and think its a fantastic site. My involvement with RN recruitement has gone on for quite a while and now i am finally ready to grasp the Navy in the new year. I originally applied for a Weapons Tiff ( I really regret not getting fit sooner!!!) about 2 years ago and passed the tests and the interview no problem. I then had to get fit..... had too much cider and didnt manage to lose enough weight. My tests i am led to believe are still vaild but obvioulsy the chance to join as a Tiff is now gone and i would have to join as a Weapons technician. My questions to you guys is which out of the following careers would you recommend as the best for future development and job variety etc. If i join the navy my aim is to go as far as i can or they will let me so your help is much appreciated. Ive wasted far to much time messing about and once i join i want a great career. I have recently been looking at the air technician in addition to the weapons technician. Also the seaman and comms and information systems routes looks quite appealing. Also comms technician. Now i know these jobs are very varied and some of you will say i need to decide what i want to do but i am just wanting to make the right selection so thats where you guys come in...!
Ive looked on the Navy site and read the 'brief' descriptions they give but i think you guys know best and you will tell me things other wont
Many thanks in advance
Most will be bias and believe theirs is the best so I will start.
Air engineering.

1. Good trade and better post Service job prospects.

2. You can sort of elect to go to sea or not, Junglies do less time at sea but more with land based forces. Lynx flights small group lots of sea time can go to interesting places, Merlin squadrons (829 excepted) generally dull not many subs left to find, OK at humping spuds. Zoomies ( harrier) working with out light blue friends. MASU (martsu) what the feck is sea time (Tri Service helicopter repair unit, mostly shore based).

3. You can work in Somerset were the cider comes from

If you work hard and are clever the skies the limit quick promotion, officer selection and may be even cross dressing to aircrew as a maintenance test pilot.

If you really want to join the Andew this would be my choice.
I concur with copenhagencup, looking at the potential cuts (sorry I meant reduced readiness!) of the Fleet you may not have much of a job to go to if you choose WET.

Fleet Air Arm probably has a future with a new aircraft and new carriers (stop laughing at the back!) Personally I have loved every one of my 24 years as an Aircraft mechanic then Artificer now technician apparently, I am sure that there is a future in it; both for promotion and enjoyment, just having difficulty seeing where that future is going. Regardless of current problems though AET is a good choice.
I agree with the above comments leaning towards the Fleet Air Arm.

1. I was in a long time ago and looking to go back in (see my post)

2. My son is currently working on zoomies (Harreir GR7) and on year 2 of his trainng now. hes switched on, and capable and enjoying pissing off the Crabs (RAF) as to the down side Harriers are mostly on RAF bases now (Boo) His social life is great, promotion is a real option so long as you get your work book signed off and not spend too much time in the Tea Room.

3. The Joint Strike Fighter vstol is coming to us (allegedley) along with two new carriers. If you ignore the politics and think with your head (there'll be a need for many more hands on deck of the new carriers.

4. escalated promotion within the branch at the moment if you work hard enough and want it bad enough.

Good luck, and who knows I may bump into you at HMS Raleigh and HMS Sultan

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