Help! Mentioned in Despatches Info WWII

I wonder if you can help me please? My maternal Grand Father was mentioned in despatches. I have his certificate and have been trying to find what he did to receive this honour. He never talked about his war service to his daughter sadly.

The date was 28th November 1944 and, having trawled unsuccessfully through the London Gazette pdf's of that date, I am stuck!

Please, is there a clever person out there who might be able to help?

My thanks in advance.

Kind regards
Janice Anne

Ps - we have all his medals and it would be nice to have the details on the certificate as well!


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It would probably help those that can do these things if you post some details ie Name, Rank/Rate, Official Number, Service.
Mentioned in Despatches

Hello again
Sorry, what a ding bat I am!

He is John Joseph Edwards and he was a Chief Stoker. I'll have to look at the service records for his service number. It's such a shame that a man who served in most of the theatres of war except the Pacific, is a kind of "unknown" to his own family.


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Janice, there are some very helpful people on the site with access to all sorts of things, it may take a while for them to come along so be its just a waiting game for you now.
Chief Stoker John Joseph EDWARDS P/K62940 (ship or unit unknown) was gazetted for a Mention in Despatches on 28 November 1944 (page 5459) "For gallantry, skill, determination and undaunted devotion to duty during the landing of Allied Forces on the coast of Normandy":

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Unfortunately that's about the best you can get.
MID is one of the lower awards for gallantry as such it was very rarely recorded if official documents apart from the notification in the London gazette or his service docs. They may be a mention in a local paper if your lucky. You would need to start searching a little before the incident mentioned. Good luck with your search.

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