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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ndtucker, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Hey...

    Im join Raleigh on the 20th July and ive just recently shown an intrest in the subs after going on the RNAC and went on a visit to Vanguard class sub HMS Vigelent and i went to my AFCO to ask him what i should do and hes given me until tuesday to decide whether i stay with surface fleet or go onto subs and i have got to decide by tuesday other wise my entry date has to change what should i do ???
  2. Really hard one mate. as 30 mins in a submarine is alot different to a full deployment.

    Just think of what you would find more rewarding and go with that.
  3. thats what i meen haha ... i cant decide because the RN is all great but i might not get to see as much of the world on a sub.. he as aslo given me the option of carrying on with the surface fleet then possibly branching over to the subs bt if i went into the surface fleet first he said there could be a chance of not being able to transfer
  4. FFS then why not listen to the guy you have been speaking to in the recruiting office? You are going to start a thread about Surface Ships and Submarines, how old are you by the way?......................................And whats wrong with the Fleet Air Arm?........................................Just threw that one in to help with the response.
  5. subs will fry your nads - you will have deformed kids and turn into a stunted monkey
  6. And continually go on about Submarine Pay, Targets, skimmers are failed submariners, how professional and elite the submarine service is, oh and did I mention Submarine Pay. Still if you want to keep crap routines, very rarely see the Sun and Sky!!!!
  7. Perhaps this will help;
    General service visits on one ship in two years,
    Gibraltar x 4, Minorca, Malta x 2, Monaco, Tunis, Rotterdam, Ascension,
    St Helena, Tristan da Cunha, Simonstown x 2, Capetown, Mombasa x 2, Bahrain, Seychelles, Gan, Singapore x 4, Hong Kong x 2, Shimizu (Japan), Perth (Australia) plus a couple of little places in the Indian ocean for Ban Yans. That's a piss up on a beach to you.

    Submarine visits on one sub in two years,
    Bergen & Haugesund in Norway, Azores, Isle of Skye.

    It's up to you how much of the world you want to see I suppose.
  8. Perhaps but with the extra submariners pay he can afford to go where he wants and stay in nice hotels. :thumright:
  9. Contributoer Mode

    ND tucker

    Go surface and do two or three years at least seeing a bit of the world. You can then always volunteer for boats. It seems very unlikely in this day and age of short staffing that if you start in boats they are going to allow you to transfer to General Service.

    With the extra payments for food and accommodation made by submariners when along side as opposed to the live aboard skimmer then Submarine Pay does not look so attractive as a chunk now goes in the extra costs of living.

    If any modern day submariner thinks I have the figures wrong then please let me know.

    Nutty ex boats

    PS In the very near future you will only ever be based at Faslane which is a fecking long way from anywhere south of Birmingham. Also 30 miles from anything that resembles a city or large town, i.e Glasgow
  10. I'd agree with Nutty. Spend a few years in General Service and then come to Boats. That way you get to see a few places first and then when you feel like you 've had enough of that come to boats. Having spent 24 years in Boats I would not recommend coming to the dark side straight away. I was lucky enough to get O-Boats so had plenty of runs ashore first. There is a good chance you will get Bombers first and will probably only ever see Fas-rain. If you are joining as an ET we will happily snap you up later as we are v-short in that branch, in fact we are pretty short in all S/M branches
  11. Bloody hell, was this on one Ship? What type?
  12. most ships in 50/60 on a 24 month Far East Commission

  13. Dartmouth Training Squadron, Four Type 12 FF's together in 12 months with Guzz as our home port visited

    Gib X 2, Malta X 2, Liveron(Italy), Athens, Rhodes, Istanbul, Algiers, back to Guzz, Gib X 2, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde Islands, Tema (Ghana), Lagos, Tabored (Ghana), The Gambia, back to Guzz, St Johns Newfoundland, Montreal, Kingston(Ontario), Buffalo, Detroit, Quebec, Halifax Nova Scotia, New York and back to Guzz. I make that 27 jollies in 12 months but then Gib was never counted as a run ashore just a stopping off Pussers Port. so really it was 23 runs ashore.

    Just one of the reasons we talk about hulls in the water, better 4 FF's than 1 Type 45 Daring or even a CV which cannot be defended due to lack of hulls in the water.

  14. Thanks for the posts guys.

    I have served ten years in the Army, however none in the RN.

    Could I have it again in CLEAR as I and I suspect others may as well have been trying to understand hieroglyphics!
  15. Simply put most older submariners on RR served on surface units before they joined boats. In fact there was no direct entry into boats, you had to go via service in the surface fleet.

    Now if you wish to visit some foreign ports and see parts of the world why the Min of Def pays you, drink exotic booze, and perhaps carouse with exotic women then go for the surface fleet. You can go onto boats at any time after that.

    If you go direct to boats and are drafted to V Class Ballistic Missile boats just about the only two place you are going to see is Faslane and a couple of miles away Colport Missile Storage Facility. Any other place you tie up in will be a sheer fluke. In 20 years you may only see Faslane. Now as a more mature type you may be married with children and the regular 4 or 5 months on and off crew routine may suit you and you will get more time with your family, provided you live close to Faslane, than most other sailors.

    If you join boats directly, with todays shortage in manpower in the Submarine Service, the chance of you being drafted, even after 5 years, into General Service (Surface Ships) is just about nil to zero.

    I earlier asked the question about the financial gain of Submariners over Surface Fleet sailors and none questioned my thoughts that by being billeted inboard whilst along side at Faslane or Plymouth and having to pay for food and accommodation. Whilst as a crew member of a surface ship that lives on board whilst along side is paying nothing the extra submarine pay is not that much in terms of spending cash.

    I hope this makes sense to you and contains no slang or initials that you do not understand. If so pm me.

  16. Thanks Nutty, top post.

    I am 35 in a 16 year relationship with a soon to be 5 year old. I have no intention of sitting in a tube inhaling my friends farts for months on end! Christ sitting in a Tank with 2/3 other crew for a couple of weeks is bad enough! Respect to those that do or have done Subs, however I will have to say thanks but no thanks even if 70% of my application pack "suggests" Sub's.

    Faslane is also many miles from the south of Kent!

    General Service (Surface Ships) as a Seaman Specialist sounds the bag for me. Guns, Sea Boats, Fresh Air and the "odd bit" of mopping suits me Sir.

    Although I find it hard to take in that as many places are visited around the world, I like the idea. Beats sitting in Germany for seven odd years with the odd opportunity to top up the tan.

    One of the many things I cant really grasp at the moment is what kind of ship to serve on or indeed if I even get a choice. I am thinking I would enjoy more the "Warry" draft to an Assault Ship and/or the "good work" involved in drug busting.

    I guess time will tell...
  17. B2B the surface ships in the R.N at the moment do a lot of sea time
    and ''deployments''.
    Has your 'partner ' discussed the likeleyhood of you being away for months at a time and she will be sat at home looking after the kid.
    Takes a certain kind of woman being a Navy Wife .

    You don't get to choose your vessel -if you are due to go on a ship and there is a ship needing someone in your category you get to go !!

    Hope you get on Ok --see the world first then go on Submarines .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  18. Bollix to that, really try and pish off your AFCO Guy/Gal and say you want to go Royal.
    I'm sure your procrastination will not go against you and that the look of delight on your AFCO bods face as he hands you over to the Royal Marines Warrant Officer will be one of the highlights of your Military career.
  19. From my own experiences you will be better off going general service first as you can always transfer to boats later but you wouldn't be able to get off boats for 5 years if you went that route first and found you didn't like it. Can't think of 1 plus pus point about boats, having done 5 years on them myself. Even the extra pay doesn't really make much deiffernce now
  20. Gibmonkey

    Having completed five years on boats will they just allow you to transfer to general Service with a wave of the hand and

    "off you go lad, you have done five years in boats so now you are entitled to leave".

    Or is it a much harder path with obstacles put in you path. Like,

    "yes you can transfer over to General Service but you may have to wait 12 to 18 months, by the way your Submarine Pay stops as soon as you submit your request to transfer to Gen Service"


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