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Lantern Swinger
I think the girlfriend should have at least specified "unique visitors" instead of just hits. That fellow is well on his way to getting his threesome. I wonder if the site will carry pictures of the event, would definitely attract more visitors then.


War Hero
I think the bird wanted to have a threesome but didn't want to suggest it herself so this way she gets 'forced' into it.
Skunkmiester said:
Nutty? you would condem a man for managing to get a threesome?

Surely you are fishing for a bite?

If the young lady in the picture had been one of my two daughters I would have done the kicking. It would not be a fair fight, I would start with a gobfull of pickaxe handle as he returned home from the pub/club. followed by a bottle of Nitromors paint stripper down his car.


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