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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by BeerBad, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. BeerBad

    BeerBad New member

    I have already visited the site below from work and will do so as soon as I get home.

    Help Win This Bet

    A man's dream rest on your efforts.
  2. PartTimer

    PartTimer New member

    Mate of mine sent it to me a couple of hours ago. In that time the counter had gone up 120K - that site has just taken off!
  3. Junglie

    Junglie New member

    Gotta hand it to him. The count has gone from 120k at 1000 this morning to over 555k now. Good luck fella.
  4. BeerBad

    BeerBad New member

    I think the girlfriend should have at least specified "unique visitors" instead of just hits. That fellow is well on his way to getting his threesome. I wonder if the site will carry pictures of the event, would definitely attract more visitors then.
  5. BootneckYank

    BootneckYank Banned


    He shoots, he scores :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Nutty

    Nutty Supporters - GCM

    The man is an ******** and should only receive a good kicking


    SILVER_FOX New member

    Genius! :lol:
  8. Skunkmiester

    Skunkmiester New member

    Nutty? you would condem a man for managing to get a threesome?

    Surely you are fishing for a bite?
  9. Shakey

    Shakey War Hero

    I think the bird wanted to have a threesome but didn't want to suggest it herself so this way she gets 'forced' into it.

    SILVER_FOX New member

    Why didn't I ever meet one of these broad minded ladies?
  11. Nutty

    Nutty Supporters - GCM

    If the young lady in the picture had been one of my two daughters I would have done the kicking. It would not be a fair fight, I would start with a gobfull of pickaxe handle as he returned home from the pub/club. followed by a bottle of Nitromors paint stripper down his car.

  12. drwibble

    drwibble New member

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