help! ... it might be the end of the world ...

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by golden_rivet, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. This morning there is a flaming yellow orb in the sky. Don't remember seeing that before. Is it the end of the world? A punishment for all our sins and wickedness???

  2. It's the curse of the 070707.
  4. Just finished my last night duty this morning at 0700!

    07/07/07 @ 0700

    I'm creeped out now :blob3:
  5. What is all this "American Gothic" style talk about 7/7/7 ?
  6. Just stoking up the paranoia :dwarf:
  7. :toilet: I remember seeing it on our trip to Malta, it was fkin large and fkin hot, while it was pissing down here, it reached ......... 42C .......... out there and we baked, even in the air con, fkin marvellous, flew back last Sunday to all this shit weather, always the downside isn't it !!! Malta sun, highly recommended. :tp:
  8. rumour has it that we won't see it again after this weekend :(
  9. We have ours delivered.
  10. Sunday AM -8 in Dunners, but we get lots of sun, oopps I mean big yellow thing in the sky.
  11. I thought you kiwi lot where snowed under down yonder and mighty winds a blowing?? near Arthurs Pass, is that viaduct thing still standing.
  13. Is New Zealand open to visitors nowadays? :thumright:
  14. Only if youre a sheep.
  15. :angel12: if thats the case I'm just going out to add to's a dry warm sunday morning and theres not much traffic about.......hmmmmm time to take suzi out for a spin :clap:

    I may be gone some time :highfive:
  16. I am starting to think that Golden Rivet has a point. The sky is a strange colour this morning. Its a little bit paler that the colour of the text I am using
  17. hehehehe

    Don't you just love the British weather, especially when you're on a foreign!!!

    Dubai. Big Bright Yellow Hot thing is the norm.
    Elsewhere is the ME it's treated with suspicion until some fanatasist takes credit for it.
  18. In a bit of a panic this morning because on glancing out of the bedroom window IT was up again and bright enough to burn yer eyeballs out. A quick dash downstairs to check on the Beeb 24 hour news channel for reassurance and phew!....yes the grey clouds with big black spots of rain are back with us for Monday and Tuesday.......had me worried for a while though!
    'Oh to be in England now that July is there'............well I am and I'm a bit dischuffed!
  19. Eureka, I`ve got it, Global Warming is caused by us having to put the Central Heating on in the Summer. :w00t:

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