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HELP! invaded by wildlife!

And last nights little gift was - a mouse head!

aaaaah how sweet, they are bringing you a do-it-yourself mouse kit - this is the head that goes with all the bodies they brought you last year. I hope you kept them, otherwise the cats will be disappointed..
I don't know Rosie. All head and no body! Get a grip lass!

Now do NOT let them go to waste.

Mouse Stew

16 dead mice, water, salt & pepper (to taste), bayleaf, black peppercorns (half a dozen), swede, carrot, shallots (the long sweet ones, peeled), cornflour.

Set oven at 140C or use a slow cooker.

1) Take 16 freshly (or defrosted, from your freezer) terminated mice, skin, de-bone and gut them. Next boil up the bones with 2 pints of water and a bayleaf and some black pepper corns for about an hour to make the mouse stock.

2) Place the mouse meat in a casserole (or slow cooker) and pour in the mouse stock through a muslin bag. Next add the vegetables which should have been peeled and diced, except for the shallots, which should be simply halved, add some salt and pepper (to taste) and some thyme, and stir.

3) Place a teaspoonful of cornflour in a cup and add some warm mouse stock. Stir until a smooth liquid has formed then add to the casserole and stir in.

4) Cook at 140C for 4 hours in a conventional (convection) oven or 6 hours in a slow cooker.

5) Lay the dinner table with newly polished silver cutlery. Place a white candle in its silver candlestick and put out the best, freshly polished cut-glass. Light candle, place warm plates upon table and a decanter of aired red Chateau Neuf du Pape (Jalot) on the table and the porcelain casserole serving dish.

6) Pipe the PO Stoker (and any visitors) to scran and enjoy.


Serve cheese and biccies for dessert! :wink:

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