Help ... Intiview questions and experience required

Hello all

Ive been following threads for a while but still havent seen my panic ... I cant be the only onr surly

Badically ive been looking into the intiview questions and worried about 1 in particular. EVENT I HAVE ORGANISED i dont know about ypu guys but i dont exactly spend my time organising things nor am I in a position to do so. What were you replies to this answer ?

Also im not really part of any team sports and I lost my job about 3 weeks ago. (Which believe me I desperatly scouring the earth to find one) but I dont wanna go into it looking like a bum :/ i train daily 5 mile run swimming and gym aswell as rock climbing and gonna take up a fighting art. Still thoe im worried that they may not think I have any team ethics because i never wanted to kick a ball about. What do you guys think...I wanna go into mine clearence diving.


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Not sure where you are getting your interview information from but the competency based interview was binned at the beginning of this year.

The selection interview looks at you, your home background & relationships, education, any work record, your physical preparation & motivation relating to the research & knowledge of you branch & training.

The detail of the interview is in the letter.
Hello all I'm new to this and don't know how it works really but if there's anyone who knows abit about officer tests and any advice on anything that could help me boost my chances when I apply
Many thanks
Had my interview last week I didn't get asked about an event I had organised although I was asked about team participation the first 4 sections were just like having a general chat about my home life, education and employment. The last part was questions about the Royal Navy most of them were about the initial training at Raleigh, just be confident mate good luck to you
Thank you so much guys for your replied honestly this has been putting me off applieing but if its like that then I should fly through !

Ninja you are the man honestly the fact you get back to everyone that asks a question is legendary ! : ) and 24amp24 cheers mate I was hoping someone li

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