HELP! I'm all at sea! (personalised gifts for you!)

I'm ex-pongo and got this message:

One more little thing, could you pop over to rumration and make yourself known??? Those guys would bring is some dosh and I am sure they would love something with 'Ganges' written on it. Plonk a 'sticky' in the Qtr Deck forum and they will flock to you like a lizard to schlafenmonster bathroom

and it's as if Blackadder had said "Answer the Admiral, Baldrick... Answer the Admiral"

I can't sir 'coz I don't know what he's talkin' about!

Translation anyone???? - I wouldn't want anyone plonking a sticky on my Ganges (I don't think!)

Anywaaaay.... I sponsor Arrse and have this on-line shop which sells genuine bullets with your name on (plus plus) - 'coz if you've got the bullet with your name on you won't get hit by it... will you!! Come and have a look. I've had great reviews from ARRSE and Rear Party

I also do engraving of regimental crests on all sorts - so have you got any seaborne ones you think I should wang up on my online library??? (see Zippo or logobox). I need bitmaps, but can googlesearch for common ones.

Thanks for looking fellas - (and especially for any help personalising my stuff for sea) - Regards,- Chris


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Re: HELP! I'm all at sea!

Ah, thanks for coming over, that was written by me, I'm Josephine over on rr.

Lads and Ladettes, Baldricks_bullet is a fab idea! Alot of the girls on rr and some members on arrse have given a very good word about these products. You can have your name engraved or anything you would like, ships crest? Or trade badge? Come on Ganges people, I know your dying for this :wink:

dondon said:
Like the bullet with your name on it idea , cool , :twisted: :roll: :twisted:
Can't take credit for it actually. The quote below was the very first punchline in Blackadder Goes Forth. Within 10 seconds of the series starting, I was wetting myself with laughter... the joke stayed with me ever since.

Glad you like it though :D

Maybe you'd also like the company moto on ARRSE: "Guaranteed to save your life of your money back!"

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[marq=left]BUMP bump [/marq]

[marq=right]BUMP bump [/marq]


Question is tho.
Why is your left one in capitals??
I know they are never equal in size but surely you are not parading a squash ball on one side and a bowling ball on the other??

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Dabs, no need for childs play, comment was deleted and PM sent your way.
So much for the HELP...

... a ton of posts and I still haven't understood a word!

... it must be a kind of 7-seas syndrome.

Glad to have seen some of you on my site,- Chris


Lantern Swinger
baldricks_bullet said:
So much for the HELP...

... a ton of posts and I still haven't understood a word!
Hey man, I don't know the answer either, but I'll barter for one of your Zippo's. How about 2 cans? :lol:


Hey peeps, saw the link so took a look at the online store.

After 5 minutes i found myself buying products, they look good and hopefully it is true, as serving personnell If we own the bullets with our names on, we wont get shot!!

Heres to hoping!!

RIP all those who unfortunatly didn't own theirs, our toughts are with those who remain!!
Any chance this could be linked in some way to the "Shop" tab? Save it falling back down the list on the front page :)
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