HELP! I'm all at sea! (personalised gifts for you!)

I'm ex-pongo and got this message:

One more little thing, could you pop over to rumration and make yourself known??? Those guys would bring is some dosh and I am sure they would love something with 'Ganges' written on it. Plonk a 'sticky' in the Qtr Deck forum and they will flock to you like a lizard to schlafenmonster bathroom

and it's as if Blackadder had said "Answer the Admiral, Baldrick... Answer the Admiral"

I can't sir 'coz I don't know what he's talkin' about!

Translation anyone???? - I wouldn't want anyone plonking a sticky on my Ganges (I don't think!)

Anywaaaay.... I sponsor Arrse and have this on-line shop which sells genuine bullets with your name on (plus plus) - 'coz if you've got the bullet with your name on you won't get hit by it... will you!! Come and have a look. I've had great reviews from ARRSE and Rear Party

I also do engraving of regimental crests on all sorts - so have you got any seaborne ones you think I should wang up on my online library??? (see Zippo or logobox). I need bitmaps, but can googlesearch for common ones.

Thanks for looking fellas - (and especially for any help personalising my stuff for sea) - Regards,- Chris



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Re: HELP! I'm all at sea!

Ah, thanks for coming over, that was written by me, I'm Josephine over on rr.

Lads and Ladettes, Baldricks_bullet is a fab idea! Alot of the girls on rr and some members on arrse have given a very good word about these products. You can have your name engraved or anything you would like, ships crest? Or trade badge? Come on Ganges people, I know your dying for this :wink:

dondon said:
Like the bullet with your name on it idea , cool , :twisted: :roll: :twisted:

Can't take credit for it actually. The quote below was the very first punchline in Blackadder Goes Forth. Within 10 seconds of the series starting, I was wetting myself with laughter... the joke stayed with me ever since.

Glad you like it though :D

Maybe you'd also like the company moto on ARRSE: "Guaranteed to save your life of your money back!"
Question is tho.
Why is your left one in capitals??
I know they are never equal in size but surely you are not parading a squash ball on one side and a bowling ball on the other??