Help! I think I'm becoming invisible!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. I've recently started to notice something scary - I think I'm becoming invisible to lasses under the age of 25 or so.

    What the fuck is going on??? 8O
  2. old and bold......or possibly old and bald....(I speak as one who is folically challenged)

    mate it comes to us all :D :D :D
  3. Maybe its the zimmer frame thats putting them off....
  4. Just wear an open shirt with your hairy chest showing, pull in your beer gut, n all will be fine !! :D
  5. a medallion and fake tan might help too :)
  6. Who said that??????????????????? :lol:

  7. Shakey you are now in MILF territory.
  8. Is that like a TOG? I am a TOG and proud of it.
  9. when you go out, take only uglier mates wiv you.
  10. Story of my life. I think I was invisible to them even when I was under 25! :cry:
  11. Its your 6 pack thats scaring them!

  12. Fine figure of a man, that's what I call a six pack
  13. I forgot to mention there are a few exceptions, notably whenever I'm out running when I receive all kinds of lascivious invitations from the smally girls from the local Catholic girls school.

    Should I continue to ignore their ribaldry or interrupt my exercise in order to further their education? :?

    Oh yeah, what's a TOG?
  14. Shakey...lovie...
    I went to a Catholic school and belive me ,your beter off running...because those wee smally girls will EAT you alive :twisted:
  15. Hmmmm, I know them Catholic lasses have a bad reputation but matelots are even worse..... :twisted:
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bloody crushed ain't I.

    Here I am at 21 (x3), sat in a trailer with a load of other chaps, attractive young blonde climbs in, looks around, pushes her way through the throng and sits on my lap, I sit there trying to ignore the near forgotten stirrings caused by the trailer bumping up and down. This happened on a number of occasions, much to the annoyance of several other males of a similar age to my good self.

    I tried not to look to smug, but explained, when the young lady was out of earshot, that I obviously had the good looks and charm to pull, whereas they obviously did not.

    After a couple of weeks of this happening, one of the older members asked of the young lady "Why do you always sit on his lap?"

    I sat there waiting for kind words explaining that I was still sex on legs when out came the reply

    "Cos He reminds me of me Grandad!"
  17. Try this!
  18. I thought a TOG was the measurement used for quilts? :)
  19. I thought a tog was half a toggle.... and obviously Rosie couldn't have a full toggle... could she? 8O

    Its not for quilts or parts of male anatomy.

    It is a state of mind.

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