HELP GOT INTERVIEW NEXT WEEK what am i expected to know about the navy for interview

I got my interview next week and i need help on what i need to know about the navy i have applied to be a warfare specialist and what i need to bring to the interview??????
Search function, covered many many times before.
Ha ha ha. I'm starting to think that ninja and SM should set up an automated reply that states "before all questions, please utilise the search function first to avoid the following ribbing from rum ration regulars"


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oh how i love the wit and sarcasm of the RR Regulars!:-D
Well what do you expect when some chimp comes up on the net needing knowledge about the organisation he wants to join with less than a week to run. And then expects others to do his work for him. Looks likes like a promising addition to the Service.......


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You'll be asked if you pay your taxes and who are the people. Another tricky one is do you have a problem attending chapel during basic to meet the chaplin.

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