Help Gordon (no really!)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Not_a_boffin, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. It would appear the clueless get has really f8cked up by pointing out in PMQs that only 20-odd people had signed the petition calling for a General Election. It's currently the fastest growing petition on the No 10 site. Not that it'll make a ha'porth of difference, but worth signing just to wind him up.

    Go on Finks, you know you want to.....
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Knowing those shifty cnuts in power they probably launched that petition just before PMQ's just so the bottler had a sound bite to spout off.
  3. Well, my names on there. Cheers for that NAB. (thats dangerously close to nob....dodnt think of that when choosing your name did ya?heh heh :thumright: )
  4. Funnily enough, no......
  5. You can add your names to whatever petition you like it will make not a jot of difference, the Great Leader will choose the day. As for winding him up, I doubt it will have that effect more like a good laugh as we Scots are renowned for our sense of humour.
  6. Since when? Your all grumpy, tight fisted FRISP's!!
  7. Love his nickname , Bottler Brown , he will forever be called that . remember when Hoon was Defence Sec , his nickname was Buff . lol
  8. If we put our serious hats on for a moment we all know that at no stage did Gordon state that he would call an early election. The media have started a feeding frenzy (must be short of real news) and in true tradition the great British public have leapt aboard the bandwagon. There is no way that a Labour PM is likely to take notice of the Eton boy Tory leader and if the truth be known I expect that he and the blue rinse brigade (of both sexes) heaved a huge sigh of relief. One thing I do like, is that unlike Blair it is blatantly obvious that Gordon detests Cameron
  9. I think Gordon Il-Sung might be the exception that proves the rule. Let's find out!
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Petition is getting up around 7000 now
  11. So why did he apologise then for not ruling one out sooner!!
  12. I do believe that it was more of an explanation than an apology and to reiterate at no time did he state that he would call an early election, he will go when he thinks the time is right.
  13. So very true Fink and your second post completely proves it! :pukel:
  14. 7000/7,000.000 who cares unlike Black Wednesday or Thatcher blubbing when she was knifed in the back and thrown out of No10, (Oh happy days) this election nonsense is hardly a historic moment and by next week the media will have found some other dit to fuel their fires.
  15. Your getting quite good at the spin stuff, thinking of asking Gordon for a job. Of course he didn't sayhe would call an early election if he had we would have been having one, but equally we all know his 'YYoung Turks' were all pushing for one and he was listening to them, what every one is moaning about is the time he took to realise that for his young turks win or lose it was good for them, win they get another 5 years snorting at the trough, lose they get an early chance to bump hm of the top.

    Equally any one with any sense would have realised that with the polls swinging by so much they were clearly unreliable and thus the result could not be predicted thus it was a dangerous time to call an election, why did it take Gordon so long to realise that. Cameron knew that in the cold light of day Gordon would back down, that is why he said he was ready for the fight, just so he could rub it in later.

    I think Gordon is realising that Downing street is not a nice comfortable pedestal, but a very greasy pole.
  16. Comes from being a Trades Union Branch Officer in my 2nd career. Smile
  17. We all have a cross to bear
  18. Management certainly did.

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