Help for Parents with Problem Kids

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Just noticed this on the BBC website

    Looks like the Chavs are going to get even more money from us tax payers.
    If the government hadn't given so much financial aid and welfare support in the first place these unruly kids wouldn't have been born.
    No doubt parents attending these parenting sessions will be given money for the taxi fare there & back, thats if they go in the first place.
    Yet another problem of our own making
  2. i would have thought the threat of a damn good thrashing would be more economical!
  3. I second that Andy as long as the good thrashing is given to the parents as well as the kids.
  4. The more the merrier.It worked in the Isle of Man!
  5. You'll probably find that the children have had harsh and inconsistent discipline meted out to them - or of course none at all. The most common factor for juvenile delinquency and later law breaking is harsh and inconsistent discipline. Sometimes I think all you matelots are sadists. :wink:

    I am in support of parenting classes for everyone (that includes boys) in school - before they leave school and start to have children. As they can legally marry at 16 the lessons should begin no later than when they are aged 15.
  6. Unfortunately Steve the kids that parenting classes would help most are usually truanting from school by the age of 15
  7. The only real solution is National Service for the Kids and sterilization for the Parents!
  8. Ah, yes, well... Erm...! Perhaps they need to have the deterrent that scared the shit out of us at school... and why only the VERY brave or very stupid (maybe both?) truanted when I was at school...

    ...lining up outside the Deputy Head's Office for the firing squad. Six boys all pretending to be nonchallant and not really scared. Enter. Kerbang! Exit six boys, many with red eyes and tears flowing! ...Maybe not. Very cruel!

    I was a Prefect for a number of years. If I caught someone doing something which would get them caned I used to either let them off (if I felt sorry for them) or fine them - smokers were fined 50p each - the proceeds paid for a regular visit to the local for a bout of underage drinking at 15! It was very profitable! :oops: :lol:
  9. erm Steve

    Unless the law has changed you can only legally marry at 16 in England and Wales if parental consent is obtained by the parent of any party under 18. In Scotland you can at 16 without consent. Sorry to be pedantic but just thought I'd mention it

    (ducks to avoid incoming) :)

  10. Splat!

    Damn I missed! :lol:

    Yes you need parental consent - but nevertheless you can still enter into wedded "bliss" at 16.

    Puts on teflon helmet to repel flak... :wink:
  11. No worries Steve, I throw like a mong, just ask my old cricket teacher. :)

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