Help for Heroes.......sometimes!

BBC News - Help for Heroes and MoD criticised by injured troops#

According to this BBC link help for service personnel injured in Afghanistan peters out when they are discharged to civvy street.Added to which it's alleged that the MOD are dipping their bread in the H4H funds to build facillities which they ought to be paying for themselves.
I don't know about everyone else but I always assumed that any money donated to the very worthy charity H4H was for all injured veterans regardless of status.I'm not starting the outrage bus until I've heard more but on face value I am not greatly impressed.
I've never subscribed to H4H as it always seemed too narrow in it's remit especially as it builds facilities but then leaves it. What the injured guys say seem to bear this out, it's why I prefer the RBL (although that has it's detractors) as the RBL look after everyone that needs help right up until death.
Horses for courses, I don't think any organisation will get it 100% right 100% of the time and I sympathise with those who feel let down whilst being delighted that the hard work and strong publicity is helping a great many to a considerably greater extent than they would have been without H4H intervention.

I'm with Fishhead on this - I can see the bus but I am not going to get on it just yet.


War Hero
It would be hard to say H4H hasn't done a great deal of good. Maybe it has become a victim of it's own success or maybe it has become victim to that peculiar British trait "envy". Everything that appears to succeed in the UK gets a slagging.

I think the other service charities have taken a hit because of H4H but I think H4H has handed large wads of cash to those charities, yes it appears to have got all fuzzy and close to the MOD but at the end of the day they do supply it's clients so a close working relationship is probably a good thing.

Is it paying/paid for thing that the Govt/MOD should have? Yes of course it has, it's what charities do. Ever heard of the air ambulance or the RNLI, wonder where there funding comes from? The Govt will always duck its responsibilities if a charity is paying for things, it's not worth getting excited over, it's what they do.
We were asked to price a H4H project a few years ago after they'd recieved a very inflated price. We beat it by a mile which embarrassed the company who'd submitted it. They agreed to match our quotation and because they had the contract for all upkeep works on the site they got it.

The architect was part of the same firm as the bulders. The more flashy the design, the more expensive it is. The architect gets paid a % of the over all cost so there's no incentive to look for more economical alternatives.

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