Help for Heroes.......Not if your RM/RN?

Discussion in 'Charity' started by wet_blobby, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Anyone in a position to counter this statement in the current Globe and buster?

    "...It was interesting to note that the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) believe that £1 given to Help For Heroes - a wonderful, paradigm changing charity, will net about 3p for the Corps and nothing for the Navy."

    Sour grapes written by a competing charity or something all current/ex RM/RN personnel should bear in mind when making that next donation?
  2. Well as much as i like H4H and what it does i have always thought that the rest of the service charities where loosing out big style.
  3. Isn't H4H specifically to raise funds for Headley Court, a Tri-Service establishment? People forget that it is not just amputees from Afghanistan that go there but lads from all three services recovering from motorcycle accidents and sports injuries as well. Therefore I would say that the figures quoted are rubbish IMO.
  4. Twenty quid went to the lads on the Spean Bridge yomp so I know that has gone to the booties fund. You give to the charity you feel fit I say.

    Not forgetting Tommo when the London Marathon is nearer
  5. What BP says is true - H4H is brill and I understand will give monies to smaller charities by way of grants. But I would far rather give to smaller charities that are dear to my heart - Combat Stress being one.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    My understanding is that when asked, H4H declared that about 3% of donated funds have been given to the RN/RM.

    Whilst it is a nominally tri-service charity which gives to tri-service causes & has a tri-service logo, the money given to individuals is not proportional to which service they serve & my guess is that the charity gives to those that need help rather than which arm of the services in which they serve. It is arguable that the funds H4H have raised may otherwise not have been given by anyone to anyone.

    The RN & RM combined are about 1/3rd the size of the Army & numerically the bulk of charitable donations will go to the Army as they make-up the majority of service personnel serving in our ongoing conflicts. The Royal Marines number about 5% of the all-up strength of the Army.

    What used to be the KGFS, the biggest recognised RN/RM charity, is now "Seafarers UK" which also supports the merchant & fishing fleets of the UK as well as military elements.
  7. Since its inception H4H was never mandated to help smaller projects or charities, but now things seem to be changing: link. Good news as some charities like the NF Association have taken a hit recently.

    For those that haven't yet, check out The C Group.
  8. I just try to help where I can to charities and organisations supporting our armed forces. We are brothers in arms they all need help.

    I've chosen to help Combat Stress because I've already helped H4H and RBL so far. I the best I can
  9. I totally agree with the sentiments posted here, as the Co-Author of "Pull Up a Sandbag" we decided a year ago that our chosen Charity would be Help 4 Heroes due to the fact they were helping all three Armed Services wounded personnel with Headley Court, our book will always have a Pound from the sale of every copy go direct to H4H, but like many I am also concerned that due to their phenomenal publicity and marketing campaigns that many of the other charities may well be suffering in the massive H4H wake and I personally feel that due to the sheer amount that people have raised over the past 19 months that Help 4 Heroes should take a good look at how it is doing and make a decision to distribute 1/3 or more of the funds they gather, between all the other Armed Forces Charities.

    Many may well say 'well this is all new money and no charities would have received any of it anyway' however I feel that statement although true in a sense is also blind to the millions who would have been trying to decide which charity to give their donations to and many will have suffered due to the majority of people thinking if they give to H4H they will help every single British Serviceman/Woman in need, which we all know is not the case. H4H need to look at all their projected aims and make a decision as to have they achieved those goals, are those goals now helping as many as they possibly can, and how now to spread the donations that millions of U.K. citizens have helped raise, across the Forces Charities in the best way possible to help as many as possible.
  10. H4H contributed about 10% of the cost of the Norton Homes for families of those in hospital at Selly Oak and at Headley Court. The rest was paid for by SSAFA. These homes are used by families of all three Services and do a great deal to help the relatives be close to their injured loved ones and to get support from the other families in the same situation.

    Quote from the SSAFA Website "Our two new Norton Homes have already made an immeasurable difference to the lives of many wounded servicemen and women, enabling them to be close to their loved ones when they need them most. In little more than a year, more than 600 people have stayed at the homes, including 150 of our soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors. They have quickly become a ‘home from home’ for Mums and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, Wives, Partners, Sons and Daughters and Grandparents.

    SSAFA raised £5 million to establish the two new homes close to the Defence Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court and Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham".
  11. That is interesting as a very good friend of mine had a horrific motorcycle accident in October 2008, which left him paralysed from the neck down. He and his family received no support from H4H at all. :roll:
  12. Excellent point brigham600: H4H does not give money to individuals, only capital projects. Wounded individuals who need support still have to go to their respective benevolent funds, Seafarers, SSAFA, Poppyscotland, RBL etc These charities have suffered from the strong branding of H4H.
    While raising money for wounded personnel is laudable, they are still serving and it should be the MOD budget that pays for medical and rehabilitation services. Unfortunately the SoS for Defence is only too happy for charitable money to subsidise the MOD budget. If the budget doesn't stretch to the facilties that our wounded require it should be increased so that all taxpayers contribute, not just those who are concerned enought to donate/ raise money for charity. There will always be veterans who require the help of service charities but our serving wounded deserve the best available support that should be paid for from the revenue.
  13. Did he receive any help from Headley Court?

    If he did, then yes, he will have received some help from H4H in the form of Headley Court being better equipped to deal with his injuries.
  14. I only found this out today. My wristband is OFF!!!
  15. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I have a close affiliation with H4H as the LO from my last unit and they (H4H) are very aware of this issue. Thing is very few RN/RM have gone to them.

    They are looking to help with the RM Support Group at DRAKE but unless someone asks they will not know.

    Another thing is the belief that they are taking money from other charities, well consider that some military charities are holding £22million in capital which is the same as that amount raised by H4H.

    H4H spends nearly all its donations as it uses the merchant arm to cover admin costs. Within the Military charities H4H has given some very stuffy groups a kick up the arrse and has forced them to get creative and look at other ways of raising money.

    H4H also give out grants to other charities for projects on their behalf.

    So if you think someone or something deserves H4H support contact them. If you are unsure give me a PM and I can put you in touch. Their aim is to ensure money coming in goes out as soon as to help us, the military.

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