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Help for heroes charity launched yesterday

I'm all for the concept underlying this initiative, but is it only me that thinks that if some of these projects are really needed, like the provision of a swimming pool at our only remaining UK Service healthcare facility, they should be funded from taxpayers money, not charity?

The taxpayer sent these lads and lasses to serve in places that totally altered their lives, so there should be proper provision for their treatment and rehabilitation at taxpayers expense while they are coming to terms with their new situation. HfH could help with the provision of the support that they and their families will need in the future and not tie charitable monies into capital projects.


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Hats off to the peole who started this but I absolutely agree that the full cost of all necessary health care for our wounded should be borne by Government, particularly considering how much of our money it fritters away on undeserving people and causes. I also believe our wounded need a military sponsor who can ensure that where it is the NHS that provides treatment, our casualties have absolute priority over everyone else.

That our damaged Service people have to be helped by charities, however worthy (RBL, St Dunstan's etc), should be seen as a national scandal.


And to add insult

The Ministry of Defence has today, Monday 1 October 2007, welcomed the launch of a new charity that aims to provide additional support to servicemen and women injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Help for Heroes charity was set up by cartoonist Bryn Parry who served with the Royal Green Jackets for ten years:
"Help for Heroes was formed to raise money to support our wounded in their long battles towards rehabilitation and with rebuilding their lives," he said. "The money raised will enable our Service charities to provide facilities which are today beyond their means."

The charity initially aims to raise a minimum of £5m for the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court, near Leatherhead in Surrey. Following consultation with the MOD, Mr Parry intends to build a new gymnasium and a full size swimming pool to enhance the centre's existing facilities.

Treatment Centres like Tyrwhitt House funded by Combat Stress has facilities that have been specially built to provide for ex servicemen and woman who are physically disabled and suffer from PTSD. Projects like 36, Grays Lane in Ashtead help families to get closure to loved one at the rehabilitation centre Headly Court, this could only come about by donations collected by SSAFA. Charitable organisations engaged in assisting serving and former members of the armed forces and their families, saves the MOD £££, so why should 15% from donations collect during events held on MOD Defence Estate property go back to the HM Treasury?

Could you please take the time sign and spread the word to as many sites as possible.




Signed it weeks ago
As for the new Charity I think that the goverment has broken the covenant and needs to pay for all the facilities, not just for them from the latest war zones but others from ww2, plus the incidents between.
Look at the amount offered to the soldier about 150,000 when a secretary got nearly 500,000 for a finger.
It makes you sick.

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