Help for Heroes charity calendar



Firstly, if this topic isn't welcome here, please feel free to delete it. Causing trouble isn't what I want to do at all.

Basically, some guys over on a Football forum I post on have taken it upon themselves to create a charity calendar entitled 'Ladies in Red'.

There is more information about it here

Basically, over on our forum we have a lot of people in the forces, some currently out in Iraq and Afghanistan as we speak. After thinking of ways to show our support, they asked if we would be willing to try and raise some money for Help For Heroes, which is what he have decided to do.

Profits from the calendar are going to the Help for Heroes charity. We have been in contact with them and this is fully 'above board' as it were.

We obviously contacted the charity before going ahead and creating the calendar, and they were grateful for the contribution and allowed us to use their images and such like. The caveat on that is that we have to remind people that it isn't the H4H calendar, rather a calendar in support of the charity.

A minimum of £3 per calendar will be donated. This is the minimum profit margin on the calendar, which increases the more we sell. If we can sell over 30 by the end of November, the money donated from each unit will be closer to £9, which is why I'm currently 'pimping' it!

I suppose a mention to the models, editor and photographer is in order. All of them have donated their time and effort in doing this for free.

Anyway, I'm currently just trying to spread the word about it, in the hope that one or two of you might part with your hard earned cash and support the cause, whilst getting a good calendar and some pretty ladies to look at! (don't worry, the pictures on the site are not the final ones going to the calendar!)

If any of you happen to be around Nottingham on the 11th December, we will be having a bit of a celebratory party in the hope of raising more money.

Details of which will be on the site where you can buy the calendar. Obviously, you're all invited along.

Apologies for seeming to spam your boards, that's not my intention. I merely want to raise as much money for charity as possible.

Thanks for your time.