Help for a Baby Stoker.

Hello all im a newbie,going to join as a Stoker.Do i get my Coal Shovel Issued at Raleigh or on Part 2 Training?I was also told i need to take a bar of Hard Soap and a wooden Bucket for something called "Dobbying"?
Will there be someone that will wash my kit and iron it for me?I only ask as Mater says it is so!Any help much appreciated.

Yours Nautically
Roderick Henson-Fotheringhay-Popeye III.

p.s. Pater's Gardener says i should ask to see the "Golden Rivet".Is this a pub or a Club that one can join?
Hello Andym,
Congratulations on being accepted into this exclusive organisation called the Royal Navy, particularly as a stoker. The staff here at HMS Raleigh tell me that they are now as rare as rocking horse droppings. You must be an exceptional person to have been recruited into that specialisation.
I am also among the fortunate few, having joined Raleigh six weeks ago after my trip over from my homeland of Australia. I was issued with a large shovel within a few hours of joining, set apart from my class mates, and given a specialised task which they have told me is a bit hush-hush, so I hope I am not contravening regulations regarding op-sec, by repeating it on here.
So far, I have managed to dig a hole about 200 feet deep. My instructors have told me that I am doing well, and if I continue to progress at my present speed, I will make them all very happy, and be well on the way to my ultimate goal by the end of my training period, which I understand to be several years. Such is the importance that they attach to this almost unknown branch.
Regarding the bar of hard soap and the dobbying. One of my instructors, (who seems to be a bit "funny", and has odd views about women in the Navy), has informed me that the correct word is "dogging", and that if I fashion the bar of soap into a long roundish shape with my newly issued all purpose seaman's knife, he will instruct me further regarding it's use when I have a rest period from my digging duties. He wasn't too sure about the wooden bucket, and believes that you may be mistaken and that it is a wooden barrel, in which I believe Naval tradition dictates that I must take a turn, for what purpose I cannot imagine.
As regards washing and ironing of kit. So far it has not been required, as it is so hot down here that I only wear the minimum of clothing and a pair of what I have been told to call "steaming bats".
Your pater's gardener must have been misinformed as I understand that "Golden Rivet" is a contributor to a little known scurrilous website known for some obscure reason as "RumRation". What that has to do with the Royal Navy as we know it is beyond me.
Anyway, this is by no means intended to put you off. Although training at Raleigh as a Stoker is a lonely business, it certainly keeps you fit, and I look forward to you joining, and being able to assist me in my allotted task.
I am sure that we can work together to please our instructors, and to pass out in due course.
The exciting bit, I have been told, is that the passing out ceremony will be in my own home town of Wagga Wagga.
Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Ooooooooo,wat a font of information you are Digger.I have just been issued with my best Suit and Straw Hat(sennet it think its called)I have been invited by those awefully nice chaps in the Royal Marine Light Infantry to attned a special do in their mess,the apparently want me to take part in an old Nautical Ritual called rather comically "The Dance Of the Flaming Arseholes"Is there any mention of the said dance in any of the Manuals of Seamanship?

Yours Nautically
Roderick Henson-Fotheringhay-Popeye III.

P.s. the Chief Stoker kindly let me shovel 2 tons of Coal today!!!!What a kind man he is.
Well young man, to say that you have dissappointed me would be an understatement. 2 tons of coal, what a fucking brown noser you`ve turned out to be, it should be 5 tons before stand easy, fucking wimps, i don`t know what this Navy`s coming to, tho` i did warn you, you should be an MA, the RN is going downhill thats for sure.
Dear Baby Stoker,

All baby stokers must supply their own shovel bought from Harrods. The chromium plated ones tend to last a bit longer than the gold plated ones, but polished stainless steel is best.

Must supply own stiff scrubber and carbolic soap for washing self and duck suit after coaling ship. You can gather how eccentric the RN is by the fact that coaling ship is done wearing WHITE ducks!

Yours most concerned,


PS: Avoid all those weird MA's. They're a funny lot, especially when armed with a hypodermic.....!!! There's one called Andym, who is particularly strange, with a penchant for peeling the skin off blonde virgins' backs....

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