Help finding out past.

I would like some help about finding out what one of my relatives did during World War 2. He was in the Royal Navy and did some special operations. His name was John 'Jack' William Crawford (The name Jack is there because apparently people who was born with the name 'John' was called Jack and visa versa)

Here is what I know already:
He did special operations in the war
Drove LCTs (Landing Craft Tank) and the code for that tank was 755. He took command of the tank in April 1944 to July 1944. He was also at D-Day but I want to know what he did at D-day. He was an Able Seaman.
He was awarded 4 medals they are: War medal 1939 - 1945 ; Defence Medal ; France and Germany Star and the 1939 - 45 Star
Birthday was 18-2-1925

Specifications of the LCT
Landing Craft Tank (Mark 6):Laid down, 21 March 1944, at Quincy Barge Builders, Quincy, IL
Launched, 3 April 1944
Delivered, 13 May 1944
Placed out of service, date unknown
Final Disposition, fate unknown[HR][/HR]Specifications:
Displacement 143 to 160 t.(lt), 309 to 320 t.(fl)
Length 119' 1" (ovl)
Beam 32' 8"
Draft 5'; (max)
Speed 10 kts.
Range 700 nautical miles at 7 kts.
Complement 14
Cargo Capacity 150 short tons
Armament 2 single 20mm AA gun mounts, 4 .50 cal. machine guns
Armor 20lbs wheelhouse, 10lbs gun shield
Propulsion 3 Grey Marine Diesels, 3 propellers, Shaft horsepower 225 per shaft

If anyone could provide information on this man or direct me to somewhere i can get information i would appreciate it a lot. Or a better photo of the LCT

I will also provide some pictures

IMG_0382.jpg IMG_0380.jpg IMG_0381.jpg IMG_0379.jpg 0913023206.jpg


War Hero
Do you have a service number?

The red on blue badge of the Eagle/Thompson sub machine gun/ Anchor is the combined operations badge.

It was still used up to the 90's on the funnel of the navies LPD's (Amphibious warships that carried landing crafts and troops) I dont know if it's on the current Amphibious warfare ships, perhaps someone more current than me could enlighten us? The modern equivalent of a LCT is a LCU and today are crewed by the Royal Marines with a Navy Stoker on board.
The medal ribbons are standard issue for all those in the Armed Forces who took part in WW2. the exception is the Defence Medal (green and orange ribbon) which was awarded to non-regular armed forces or civilians but who still contributed such as Fire brigades, police, Home guard etc etc.
I can try to have a look in the history centre archives at work if you have no luck with anyone on here- won't be for a few weeks though as I have left the island!
I have his service number that is JX 418712
I mainly want to know what he and his LCT (755) did between May 1944 - July 1944 and what he did on D-Day
I would be grateful if anyone helps.
Welcome, Minishawsi.

Super photographs, fine young gentleman there.

You should request a copy of this gentleman's Service Record.

As his Service is later than 1924, the National Archives don't hold it, but the Royal Navy does.

You need to complete these two forms, enclose any attachments requested and forward them to Portsmouth:
I have his service record but what i'm really wanting to know was what the ship was doing during the D-Day landing period, and which beach it went to etc.

I was going to suggest looking now at what the National Archives might have, as they have a lot of Admiralty paperwork.

However, the Caird Library has a collection of Admiralty Movement Books and it might be worth starting with them.

Give the Caird Library a call on 0208 312 6516 next week; if they don't have exactly what you need, I'm sure that one of the librarians will be able to offer further guidance.

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