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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by pompey1962, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. My son took the RN hearing test today and failed. He was told to look out of a window and thump the desk if he heard a sound.

    Trouble is he is in the RNR had a medical last week and passed!! he did 6 months last year out in you know were. He came back suffering with slight tinnitus and slight hearing loss.

    He's desperate to join up full time, passed everything else except the hearing test. He's been told to come back in 2 weeks to take another hearing tests if he fails that, he can still join up however he doesnt think he will be able to do anything 'meaningful' - he's got it into his head that he will only be able to join as a cook or steward (no disrespect to these branches intended)

    It seems unfair that RNR passed him, yet medic at recruitment centre failed him.

    Any idea's?

    Also does anyone know the branches someone can join with 'hearing loss'?

    Many thanks
  2. Also does anyone know the branches someone can join with 'hearing loss'Wouldnt have thought there would be any myself.
    In the old days he could have probably have been a gunner.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Is this a wind up? You might want to get him to push for "real" hearing test in a sound booth with the full frequency range tests. I just carried out my terminal medical to find out I have some hearing loss in my right ear, the doctor was able to specify exactly what range my hearing loss was and record it. If he has passed his RNR hearing test that should be recorded on his med docs surely?
  4. No its not a wind up. He was told to put on headphones look out of the window and then thump the desk when he heard a sound.

    He said that the equipment they used looked like it had come out of the dark ages.

    I'll get him to insist on a 'proper hearing test' -

    He's going to RNR tonight to get a copy of his medical from last week.

    He's devastated as it seems he's good enough to go on deployment with the RNR to God knows were but cant join up full time!
  5. Pass levels for RNR hearing tests are slightly lower than for the regular service. Strange but true, but it does mean that you can pass an RNR hearing test and fail for the regular service.

    The test should have been conducted in a sound proof box, with appropriate head phones and an electronic button push linked to a computer to measure the responses to the sound signals.

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