Help, anybody know the title of the theme music to the 1956 film "The March Hare"?

:geek:I am a bit of a film buff regarding the 1950s Ealing Comedy films, eg;- The Lavender Hill Mob, The Titfield Thunderbolt, Passport To Pimplico and so on. The March Hare was in that mould and set and filmed in Ireland. The theme music is a very foot tapping Irish jig type mouth music piece. "Diddly die die die didly die " and so on. Anybody know the title? I cannot find it on youtube.:slow:
Had a snoop around the net but can only find that Phillip Green did the original score. Cant find anything relating to individual tracks etc. Brilliant film however
Try this as your starter, Jesse:

The Session: Tunes - The March Hare (hornpipe)

At the comments page it says:

<<A bit of searching on the web revealed that Philip Green wrote the March Hare and was composer for the film Rooney in 1958 as well as the film "The March Hare" in 1955.>>
:laughing2:Cheers Breathing, tracked it down on youtube, its the same tune, downloaded and bookmarked. Come round at tot time. Thanks to everyone who helped.:thumbleft:

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