Help and advice please!


Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and was just looking for some information and opinion.. I'm interested in joint the RN as an engineer, I've always had a keen interest in engineering, and also the navy so it sort of makes sense.

Just wondering if there is any engineers on here.. or anyone who is in the know that could tell me the general day to day. I have ready up and down the forum at some different posts and there's some good stuff.

I'm 24, I have a mortgage with my partner and currently employed in a dead end job, with no real career progression so I don't really feel like I am fulfilling my own potential, I am enthusiastic, optimistic and very sporty.

Is the navy for me? My partner said go for it and she would be happy with the potential 3,4,5 month me away on operations, just want to know if people have had similar experiences.

Thanks in advance.


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