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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tramp_kidnapper, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. hey guys, i just applied to welbeck through the navy, i sen all my forms off and have completed the application form and all that so i was wondering, when i go down to visit welbeck should i just go in informal dress or formally, im not sure, thanks for the advice
  2. Meet in the middle and go smart-casual unless they say otherwise.
  3. Wear a suit - it nevers hurts (unless it means borrowing your Dad's!)
  4. eBay have cheap suits. I got the £350 marks and sparks one for £50 on there. I saw someone buying one 3 weeks later in M&S for full-price.

    Tramp, if you have no suit...Look on eBay. 8)
  5. I got mine from Matalan, also George (part of ASDA) do some good stuff for a budget.

    For someone like myself, on a tight budget as a student, and possibly similar to your budget, it doesn't need to be an amazing suit. It needs to last for a few interviews/AIB, weddings etc. and when you're earning money you get get a better one if needed.
  6. My prefered rig for formal occasions is ballbag and spats plus a nice tie.I also don this rig when out raping and pillaging. This not just any old rig.......this is M&S posh skiddies n stuff
  7. eBay for the win :D
  8. primark, also known as pri-marni
  9. Nicks and flip flops, preferred rig for matelots. no nicks or flip flops then towel over the shoulder and steaming bats :oops:
  10. i cant find anywhere in the prospectus or the web page where it says "wear smart clothing" so smart casual it is then, does this means like a smart shirt with some trousers (not jeans) or are jeans ok?

    PS good luck with your psycometric test Tim :wink:
  11. Flip flops and spats,now there's an idea,Must check with Susannah and Trinnie
  12. How about a smart shirt, dark(not black), tidy jeans and polish your school shoes to an insane shine?

    Good luck :)

    Cheers :)
  13. Lol, you'll look like you're on the pull!
    By the way, black shoes with blue jeans are a definite no!
    I still say wear a suit, I will in the week when I go for my medical.
    Whatever you choose, good luck.
  14. haha well played. But he's in year 11. It's what year 11s do :thumright:

    So I don't need to start a new thread, I'll piggyback on this one. Should I wear a suit to the psychometric or is it just a t-shirt and jeans event?
  15. If he's in year 11 (missed the Welbeck bit) then wear school uniform if you don't have a suit, with highly polished shoes.

    For a test, interview whatever, what harm can it do to wear a suit? And what good can it do?
  16. That's a very good point. On the other hand, though, they might want to see maturity. To me, the uniform wouldn't portray that

    Just make me look like a tool that's trying way too hard to impress...Not that trying to impress is bad.
  17. It might not be a good idea to wear shiny shoes with that kilt Tim/Kim ,people will see yer nuptial region
  18. To show maturity, don't prance around on the grass during a break in the day, don't act like a [email protected] Wearing a school uniform wont make you look immature in my opinion - quite the reverse.

    I think you do enough of that yourself. Wearing a suit might go some way to alleviate the damage!
  19. I won't be wearing the skirt. I'll wear a suit. With trousers.
  20. A suit. With trousers? won't you look a little over-dressed? The suit should do,but I suppose the extra trousers will make you look meatier. By that reckoning would wearing two pairs of shoes be of any benefit?

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