Help. again!!!!


Have bought a HD FLat screen monitor. BUT!

its showing BLACK and WHITE!!!.

its a EMPREX , it has the control buttons on the side, ( power, menu, auto. + ,- ) have tried the menu. it comes up yet i have no idea of how to get into the menu to make the colour changes!!! ( no no booklet with it!!)

Any help you can give me please !?

Catss x
Check the pins on the cable to see if any are bent.

Also, if you press the buttons on the monitor do you get a menu on the screen? If so, is this in colour?

Also, if the monitor is NOT connected to the PC and is switched on, does the monitor display anything? They usually display something on the screen called 'Self Test Feature Check' and is usually displayed in colour. If not, there would seem to be a problem with the monitor
Thank you. for the help.

1) the cable was not properly IN.

2) have now worked out how to get into the menu.

3)yes every thing NOW works fine.

4) great idea. will down load a manual.


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