help again carears advisors please

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Danny1, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. right i have done all of my navy test now and my application should of been sent of monday, but there saying im medicaly unfit because i dont have the right wieght for how tall i am.
    so they reckon i wont be able to cope with the pressure on my joints with all the tranning because i dotn have enougth body mass.

    but as i pointed out ive done both the 35 and 45 mile ten tors and i also tuck part in shealter box challenge this year and then did ten tours 2 weeks later on.

    so its not like i cant cope but im just worried they wont take it because i cant put wieght on

    and i ran the 1.5 mile run in 10 mins 19 secs

    any one got any advice for me or know of this happining to any one

    im sorry about spelling
  2. has no one got any advixce on this?
  3. Danny See your PMs.
  4. lol i think i wrote thsi and then saw i had a message lol
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To re-iterate with regard min/max weight, you must be within the acceptable BMI scale to undergo military training.

    You will have been set a target weight to achieve by the Medical Examiner before you can be passed fit to enter service and undergo the rigours of training without breaking, feinting or hurling. The fact you may be underweight & able to run a marathon unladen or overweight but muscle-bound and able to run a marathon, is unfortunately not taken into consideration with regard the healthy parameters set.

    Best of luck reaching your target.
  6. its so annoying though, as i know im gonna struggle to put the danm wieght on lol ive been tryignt o put wiegth on for ages and i cant it just falls of me straight away.

    when i told my boss about it he said hes gonna make me a pair of shoes and lead line them to put a bit more wight on for me lol
  7. Danny,

    How heavy are you know and what weight do you need to be??

    Pop along to your nearest health food store and tell them that you need to bulk up and see what they offer. You could also pop along to your local gym and get advice from them.

    Don't give up on the RN yet, If you try hard enough I'm sure you can achieve the minimum required weight for your height.

    Best of luck


  8. A little tip I heard for putting weight on is to try and eat about 6 smaller meals a day instead of 3 big meals.

    Hope this helps a bit & good luck
  9. mate I am 6ft 1 and 63kg, just an ok BMI but still quite slim, its hard for me to put weight on but depending on your age may mean something... ?!
    try looking on muscle gain/weight train forums and try different methods to put weight on, I have figured what I need to eat and the right times to as well, like before training and after training as well as rest periods to let the protein rebuild muscles (4 days training and 4 off works well for me) so just have a look on google and check loads of info out mate. Good Luck
  10. Hi all, I'm in the same kinda boat as you! but i'm to big, Ive sat both the RT and the interview and passed, I went for the medical and was asked to come back in a few months time in order to shift a bit more weight, when I go back for the medical in the new year will they re-do the whole medical or just see if i've lost the weight? thanks

    Could some one tell me if I'll also have to resit the RT and interview?
  11. Not sure about medical but I don't think you have to resit RT and interview if you go back within a year.
  12. im 55.8 kg and need to be 64kg
    so yeah i am really skinny but its not like i dotn eat i ahve breakfast, lunch which some peopel might call a dinner and and then tea in the evnign as wlel as snacks throught the day and thats wat i eat everyd ay and the meals arent small.

    thnaks for the info though ill give it all a try and ill telly ou what happens from there :D
  13. From your postings Danny it seems that you may be dyslexic (as is my son). If you are Dyslexic it maybe worth informing the recruitment personnel.
  14. its ok they already know about it, its a pain in the ass really cant even spell the word lol
    oh well non of us a perfect
  15. Hi Werqpr,

    No you will not have to do the RT as it stays valid for 3 years. Your interview stays valid for 6 months, but can be updated fairly easily with about a 15 min chat.

    If you are over weight normally the AFCO ME will only redo the weight at the medical, that is providing they completed the full medical the first time (which they sould).

    Hope this helps


  16. Ok without going through all the regulations and rules of the Royal Navy medical stuff, why dont you do it the simple way.

    Here is how you put on weight, no matter who you are and no matter how fast or slow your metabolism is.

    Firstly, if your metabolism is too fast, which you are saying it is because you CANT put on weight... then what you need to do is eat the amount of food you need to eat LESS often. I.e - Eat an early but big breakfast at about 8 and then dont eat your big lunch until 1, and then your big dinner until 6. Do not eat in between and do this for a good couple of weeks maybe over a month. This will slow your metabolism right down, also avoiding alcohol as much as possible will allow your body to adjust to the change and therefore speed it up.

    When you have done this, it is time to figure out how many calories your body needs. To do this you will have to calculate how much calories you use through exercise, and how much calories it takes to run your body each day (view any fitness/nutrition/weight gaining or losing sites if you need more info.)

    I cant stress enough how simple this part is.. to GAIN weight, you need to give your body more calories than your body uses each day, simple. Perhaps start at 200 calories more per day, and increase it over time until you are at your desired weight. Each night when your body rests, you will have excess calories in your system that your body doesnt need which will be stored as different tissues / fats or even muscle if you are exercising.

    Message me if your have any more questions.

    P.S - Whack some protein foods into ya and pump some iron if you are not already, to gain abit of muscle weight too.
  17. im sortign it out now, ive changed my diet and im goign to eat more protien and as my tan tors mangaer told me drink more meat eat whole meal bread and eat lots of fish and drink lots of guiness lol
    prob wotn drink though dont like it.
    im goign to wieght ym self every coupel of days and thena djust my diest to were it needs to be, so i can put the danm wieght on

    and yes i cant spell
  18. all the right letters are there, it's far more readable than textspeak!

    though, if you install Firefox it comes with a built in spellchecker, just right click on the words underlined in red and pick the correct one.
  19. In this case I'm fairly sure that the guy is dyslexic. makes kife a little more difficult when it comes to written instructions and writing.
    However the use of a spell checker is good advice.
    Also take things slowly and try to re-read what you have written.
  20. If you really can't put on more weight how about losing some height!!!

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