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Haven't posted on here for a while but I am in need of some assistance, I won't bore you all with the ins and outs but a family member took his life not long ago and I took bad, the doctor issued me with some setraline (anxiety) drug for 28 days. So I started to take it but stopped after 4 days and through it away and I have been fine on own ever since, I told my afco this and they have scheduled a capita medical at the end of november, I am collecting all notes from doctor to support my case. however my afco told me I could be made tmu for 3 years. Now I'm not depressed and i have certainly not been diagnosed depressed or anything of the sort. How should I approach this and have you guys got any advice? Entry date 22 march 2015



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My partners sister was recently made permanently unfit for any service during the application process after they found out that she was offered counselling in her younger years

Obviously each case has its own Individual merits and should be judged accordingly but from what you wrote it seems you had it a lot worse than she did


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The problem, very often, is due to the shared symptoms of grief and depression.

Grief is natural at a time of loss, it is not something which you can switch-off or suppress with medication but, because depression can be treated, people very often seek help because they tick several boxes on the measure of depression scale also. Grief can indeed become depression.

This subject has been covered many times as it is very common and doubtless each individual feels their case is unique. Unfortunately the service would not be fulfilling its duty of care if it were to permit those with a recent history of mental health issues to enter service in a job that operationally could place the individual under extreme duress.

Guidance here:
My doctor seems to think that if he gathers all notes and writes a note explaining what has happens that i would be fine, obviously he cant guess the out come but he thinks from professional point of view that my mental health is and always has been fine, he gave the meds if i needed them to cope. i didn't use them as i coped with out them. I will keep you all informed

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