Help a website with information to honor a W.W. II convoy.

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Mark C. Keever, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. I'm in the process of creating a very comprehensive website to honor & acknowledge a mercantile convoy. Trying to locate:

    1. " Secret " convoy communication table number 759 ( INCON PAD ) with recoding tables 33 and 34.

    2. Table of Organization for all ( destroyer ) Escort Groups effective December 1, 1944.
    ( Names of vessels, commanders, home ports, etc. )

    Any thoughts, direction or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank-you !
  2. You could start by honouring them. After all we are not in Alabama.
  3. Yes, but I AM in ARIZONA and pal, that's how we HONOR people who saved your ASS !
  4. Good second post, you will go far.
  5. Oh dear, has anyone seen the popcorn?
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  6. I think you'll find the word is 'arse'.

    Now **** off and napalm some kids.
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  7. Yes you really saved us. Now **** off and go shoot someone, after all that's what you thick ***** do isn't it?
  8. Pheonix Arizona..Chimney Sweep ?????

  9. To speak like that to a guy who not only saved us, but is even prepared to get off his sister long enough to tell us.......
    Spidiver, wherever are your manners?
  10. You you little **** should go back and try to graduate 1st grade.
    When war broke out we not only had the biggest Merchant fleet in the world, we had the biggest navy.
    Coincidence is it that by the time you ******* arrived (late again the Germans had decimated but not obliterated it).
    By the time hostilities ended, we no longer had the biggest navy in the world ........just the best.
    Now go and jump off London bridge.

    Edited to say:-

    Ya'll have a good christmas, ya here.
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  11. God but I love septics, makes you realise chav's actually do have some intelligence.
  12. 220px-Clive_Dunn-1973.jpg And to quote old Jonsey here.'The only thing you yanks charged in the first lot, was intrest on the money you loaned us'....:shakefist:You would have saved a lot of men and ships (and asses) if Adm King hadn't been such dull cnut and introduced the convoy system (as he was advised to do) sooner.
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Adm King should have been awarded the Iron cross for his actions.

    Anyway wasn't Arizona sunk by those little yellow people?

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