Help a fellow Afghan War hero whoses suffering from cancer from eviction by the council!

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by MrIndeed, Jan 27, 2015.

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  1. Just shows the so called Military Covenant that all local authorities signed is worthless.
    It's the same here where I live, the town signed and made a big song and dance about it, but when I asked what they would actually be doing for veterans like me, I got a lot of blank looks.
    It seems they have good intentions when signing up but actually have no guidance on what it actually means and how they should be helping.
    The NHS is just as bad as last year I needed treatment and was told I would go on the waiting list, when I said to my doctor about the letter all practises where apparently sent telling them to prioritise veterans, he stated he'd never heard of it!
    I had a letter when I was discharged saying this was the case.

    Councils just seem to sign up so they look good but nothing is actually done, there all too busy with the scum bags who leach off the rest of us. Makes me very angry

    Petition signed :)
  2. Thank you mate. It seems that Britain nowadays only care about the 'outsiders' more than the Brits.
  3. Yet there are people getting everything paid for simply because they had one(hundred)too many take away's, and can't be bothered to loose weight because apparently there is nothing wrong with being 25 stone.
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  4. Welcome to Britain - where the government couldn't give two tits about you, and will only act once they lose they shit as well.
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  5. I might like to suggest, MrIndeed, that you don't take everything that the Daily Mail writes, as gospel.
    If this country is really that bad, don't join its armed forces, go and find somewhere else to live
  6. I might like to suggest, MrIndeed, that you don't take everything that the Daily Mail writes, as gospel.
    If this country is really that bad, don't join its armed forces, go and find somewhere else to live and join theirs
  7. Key word here being 'temporary' housing....
  8. OP - you may find that most, if not all, DM articles are as accurate as some applications to the Armed Forces:

    Not saying it is not a valid story, but there is a certain spin being put to it which gives a potentially mis-leading impression. Two key lines from the article:

    "A spokesman for Cornwall Housing said it did not comment on individual cases but said they may provide temporary accommodation until housing can be found."

    "A Government spokesman said they would be looking into the case 'urgently.' He told the Daily Express: 'We changed the law so that seriously injured serving personnel and former servicemen and women with urgent housing needs must always be given top priority.' "​

    On the basis of the latter, what is the purpose of the petition?
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  9. Anyway, a 'fellow Afghan war hero?'.

    Who here is an Afghan war hero?
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  10. Good question Monty.
  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Certainly not me. Ghastly place.
  12. Nor me, my eldest son has been twice but doesn't rate it as a holiday destination!
  13. Which side are we regarding as Afghan war heroes, shouldn't it read British war hero?
  14. Who here is a war hero even? Apart from Blackrat of course, I've seen the damage that boy has done to Saddam's best.
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  15. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Off-topic but as you have raised an important point, priority treatment for veterans applies to conditions which are related to their service (but no longer have to be conditions for which they receive war pension or AFCS payments). Your doctor should definitely have been aware of the instruction, but in practice only a limited proportion of veterans really benefit from it. More details here: . You're welcome to PM me for paperwork if your doctor continues to claim ignorance.
  16. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    The 'Help a fellow Afghan war hero" thread title is somewhat off-putting, but Jamie Streets' case appears to be attracting support and there is hope for a good outcome for Jamie and his family:
    Until there is a confirmed result I suggest those who wish to support should continue signing the petition.
  17. War veteren.
    Better language.
  18. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's amazing what you can achieve armed only with a turd on a stick and a scream mask.
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  19. Bet you cheated Blackrat and used a piggies turd:)

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