Help 4 Heroes - 60km - 3 Days


Hi Guys,
In honor of Help 4 Heros - i am running a 60KM run over the course of 3 days on 24th - 26th April, along the water ways & canals of Warwickshire, going from Sutton Park, to the canal entrance in middleton where i will carry on running going through Tamworth, Nuneaton & finishing in Coventry on the Sunday.

If you would like to sponsor me i have a Just Giving - account where you can submit your donations.
The site is secure and all funds raised go directly to Help For Heros.

If you would like to sponsor me here is the link:-

Many Thanks.
Arron Dobbins
Event Organiser


Lantern Swinger
ParodyUK: Already got an event going up here mate for the Heroes, but just tsay I wish you well and lots of luck.....good one....


Thanks for the best wishes.
You too! I hope you get what you want to earn and that you complete your challenge with no problems.


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