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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by dingerbell, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Hoping one of you old bomber queens might be able to help. Does anyone remember a TV programme from the 70's entitled '' Polaris for Peace". It was filmed on Renown, can't remember the exact year. Who was the presenter and was it the BBC or ITV????. An old shipmate got in touch today and asked me the question.I remember them filming it but don't recall seeing it on the telly. Hoping someone has a better memory than me. Cheers guys.
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    UP SPIRITS............................SPLICEEEEEEEEEEEEERS!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Why are you guys searching, let him do his own f'in search, he has a mouse and keyboard.
  3. Yes but it is amazing what you learn searching something new :wink:
  4. Contact the Naval Historical Branch of the MOD.
  5. Thanks very much for all the invaluable suggestions folks, very helpful indeed. (unlike some OD's).

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  6. DingerB

    If you're convinced that it is called "Polaris for Peace", I'll have another look.
  7. Thanks again, I'm not absolutely certain on the title but Les. my oppo seems to think it's right. I have used my mouse and keyboard extensively and so far drawn a blank on his title so you may well be right. best wishes

    UP SPIRITS.......................SPLICEEEEEEEEEERS!!!!! :wink: :)
  8. Polaris a Promise was the movie we had to sit thru when we joined Bombers in 1971 up the Polaris school. What a load of dross. It was a movie about all things Polaris and the married patch at Churchill starring a very young LCEM Jim Seed with wife and baby sprog
  9. ITV filmed a programme on RESO during my time leading up to the first Detergent patrol: Mad Mike Henry featured in most of it, saying how he'd turn into an SSN once we' d fired the missiles. Scariest part was the lead up to the commercial break, where you saw the lights on the panel light up one by one, until it showed all 16 away. Can't for the life of me remember the name of it, must've been made 1967-68.
  10. I can remember a program in the late seventies early eighties about a Polaris boat. I can't remember the boat's name but the skipper was the jimmy on a T boat I was on, his nam was hawk, I think he got married to a WREN officer. I can't help you any more than that I'm afraid. Good luck with your search anyway.
  11. Think I remember the programme but not the name. All I can recall is an interview in the SR mess with the UC1 and his mates who were all sh1t faced. That the one?

    Have a nice day
  12. Try the World Naval Ships forum, but don't tell them I sent you :wink:
  13. Not Shite-Hawk married to a Wren! shudder to think what the off-spring would be.........over to you Thingy and SPB :D

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