Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Missmoneypennyoo7, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. hello... my first post just to say hy to one and all .if we are talking and it takes a whlie for me too answer its because it only type with one finger...
    :mrgreen: :razz: :grin:
  2. Hello and welcome to RR, Missmoneypenny007 I am a fourfinger man myself, (typing that is).
  3. Hi welcome aboard, same finger problem but enjoy
  4. Hiya 007,
    Don't worry hun, if you can learn to type 'feck off', 'lol' and 'let's pick on Web Blobby' really quickly, then you will absolutely fine in the Chatroom. :)
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Welcome to the site MMP007

  6. Same affliction as me then , welcome to the site "MMPoo7", enjoy it & do join in as you wish ,
    :wink: :lol: :wink: :roll:
  7. ok just dont tell any more of my secrets feck sake...................... i know where you live :twisted: :twisted:

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :???: :???: ,,, R U in club this weekend "Josie"
  9. mite be in sunday nite lovie........

  10. OK , Will get Bruce played if your there ,
  11. Welcome 007 and enjoy!!

    By the way, isn't your avatar a pic of Capt Janeway??!!!!!

  12. yes it is i looooooooooooooove Star Trek............
  13. Welcome missmoneypenny, I only use my fiddling finger as well!!.
  14. Welcome, and any secrets you have about Josiecats are to be declassified immediatly and spread about the threads and chat room
  15. watch it boy.............. :twisted: :twisted:
  16. Can't watch it, if i don't know what I'm supposed to be watching for Josie
    :lol: :twisted: :lol: :twisted:

  17. Am I still your favourite boy "josie" !!!!!!! :wink:
  18. always will be.............. :twisted: :twisted:
  19. Why is it every time i read your Username it read to me as "Missmoneypennypoo"???????

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