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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by kirsty_louise, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. You always know when i post a thread....can never ever refer to what it is properly :D

    Anyhow chaps im in much need of your help....again.

    Hubby has his underwater helo test thingy on Monday and he is a tad worried because 50% of the lads on his ASG training are a bunch of knobbers and dont even want to be there. Anyway hes been in the corps for 3 years and haas no clue what yo expect on Monday??

    Can anyone give me a brief on what he ll be asked to do or even any tips (apart from dont drown!!)

    Many thanks in advance 8)
  2. Your fella is a thick as mince isn't he? He must have chocolate-flavoured testicles.

    Here's a Blue Peter segment of the sort of thing he can look forward to. Any of the longer words you'll have to explain to him (until that is the Teletubbies cover it):
  3. Your loyalty to hubby is admirable. Are you the only person on the planet that he talks to?. Doesn't he have any Divisional system, mates that have done it before, joining instructions???????
  4. hmmm hes the thick one?you my friend have just refered to Blue Peter....me thinks that says enough :D
  5. The link I gave you at the bottom of my post is from Blue Peter, you dull cunt.
  6. Hope they don`t breed :twisted:
  7. *claps hands* well well done there, i was refering to your link.

    funnily enough no he doesnt know anyone who has done it previously, hence why im asking so dont even bother getting shitty with me sea rat. simple question didnt need the ballox reply now did it.
  8. Ah bless, Royal can always be guaranteed to pull the sharp knlfe in the drawer. :lol:
    Don't they do the dunk tank as part of Basic for Royals anymore?
    Tsk standards!

    K_L tell your fella to relax, it's just holding your breath upside down for a bit, even Bootnecks can work out how to do that!
    They even have some nice Navy Divers on standby to pull out the drowners.
  9. If it is the 'dunker' he is doing on Monday it's a piece of piss.

    Four 'dunks', first one you don't even get your hair wet. Last one is total immersion in the dark.

    I had to go through it every two years and I'm as yellow as a city link delivery van. :oops:
  10. Thanks for the last 2 replys guys. on a more serious note the reason im so worried more than him is because if for any reason we do fail its an RTU.....and we have literally been in this house 3 days :S RTU is 600 miles back to arbers..
  11. hello

    i have done the dunker training (correct title) albeit over 15 years ago. Basically as long as hubby can swim is confident underwater ie can hold his breath for 30 seconds he will be fine.

    When i did it we got strapped in (tell hubby to sit next to the window- he'll be first out) then with the lights on the lower you in and you exit when given the signal.

    The second time they drop you in and the helo flips over so you are upside down.

    The third time you drop down in the dark! the helo flips over and then you exit in the dark.

    the fourth time was a really cluster they dropped us in (in darkness again) flipped the thing over and then let it sink down further than normal.

    Luckily when i did the course i was with 2 admirals and a couple of lieutenants so they went easy with us.

    it was good because the water was warm and its a good laugh.

    oh and you get a nice certificate too
  12. I'm stopping, don't worry. Maintaining an image in my mind of a dribbling retard holding a chewed crayon is the only way that I can modify my language to suit your IQ; and to be honest that is somewhat of an irksome task.
  13. Thank you for your reply :)

    Hes been teling me its different because its with asg they have to do the rebreather? And apparently they have to do it with kit on too?
  14. Who he 8O If referring to me I was asking why the wife has to go on to an INFORMAL naval website and ask about a course (aka the dunker) that her serving husband is going to do and HE wants to know what it entails so asks you 8O

    Then you wonder why you get "ballox"
  15. Thats ok...its actually a pen.
  16. I think it was mllaring at me mate. I don't wash enough to be a matelot, but it doesn't know that.
  17. Yer that would be beacuse on a fair few previous occasions i have managed to get fairly growen up and respectful answer like a few of the above, but then theres always going to be that time when a lousey 58 year old who wished they had worked in tescos comes along and bad mouths some 'vulnerable' female because thats the only way they can get their daily kick apart from when meals on wheels comes...right?
  18. Listen Princess, I was one of the people who in the past has helped you, and tried to give you the moral support you need (especially when you were trying to desperately get MoD Police telephone numbers).

    It goes against my better nature to be nice, so I'm just reverting to type when I suggest you go fuck yourself.
  19. Must admit the idea of it always terrified me and I was glad I did my time without needing to - comments above suggest maybe I was being a bit of a scaredy cat, which is totally out of character as I recently had root canal treatment and didn't cry.
  20. Clearly...and yes you did. That wasnt for my own bemefit as im sure i had messaged you the cause and thanking you for the matter right?

    So why suggest i 'go **** myself' after asking for some general advice?

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