Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by emmy_lou, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I am new to the navy and would like some advice.
    I finished college last summer and since then I have been volunteering as there is no jobs in North Norfolk! I have told them I would like to join as a Warfare Officer and I have my RT on the 29th. I was wondering if anyone can give me any pointers on the test or anything they may think relevant.
    Much Appreciated. :)

    P.S. I assume the RT will be the same for both ratings and officers?
  2. Welcome,

    The RT is the same, yes. It's perhaps worth doing some practise psychometric tests online as well as the examples they give you in the booklet. There's nothing too demanding, however, and for me it was more a case of 'keeping myself sharp' than actually learning anything new (I'm also going for Warfare, off to the AIB in a week).

    Best of luck!
  3. Hiya.
    Yeh I thought it would be.. just needed to get my mind straight! :)
    I have got some books from the library, aswell as doing online tests so I guess its practise makes perfect. Will dig out my GCSE Physics and Maths to remind myself for numeracy and mechanical comprehension.
  4. Hi Emmy,

    To be honest, best stuff I found was all online, plus the practice booklet that my AFCO gave me.

    Best of luck...!
  5. If I were you I'd think of a better opening gambit than "I couldn't get a job so I'm joining the RN". Contrary to popular belief, Her Majesty's Royal Navy isn't an employment agency. People who are in it "for a job" don't get the most out of it and either leave or become disasters to manage.
  6. Please read posts properly before making such comments.

    He didn't say he was joining the RN because of the lack of employment in his locality, he said he has been volunteering for such reason; a smart move on his behalf.
  7. "I have been volunteering as there is [sic] no jobs in North Norfolk!"

    Comm - first impressions count. From reading (and re-reading) that post, my impression remains the same. It was meant as advice - one of the purposes of this site.

    I also would suggest that he is actually she given the handle is emmy_lou.

    Stop being so sensitive.

    If you wish for peace, then prepare for war.
  8. Alright no problem, and your advice is always very good might I add; and yes I agree I should have read his or her name before judging them as a he.

    No harm intended at all, just my thoughts.
  9. The thing is though junior, you are becoming more and more irritating with your increasingly arrogant, self opinionated and irrelevant comments.

    You made pedantic remarks about comments made by someone who knows a damn sight more than you do.

    You are not in the Royal Navy.

    Stop giving advice about it.
  10. Now now, I gave no such advise as you say, merely pointed out that angrydoc may have misread and shouldn't be so harsh on the original poster; a statement of mine that I acknowleged was perhaps put slightly too bluntly.

    Shall we not escalate a couple of posts on a forum into an E-argument?

    Back on track, emmy_lou I would also say that I was slightly surprised by the level of Mathematics in the RT, not so hard to cause any problems, but for those less gifted (me being one of those) some extra preparation than the booklet suggests may be useful.
  11. I like your avatar by the way Guzzler, makes me chuckle every time I see it, it is quite random.

    What is it from if I may ask?
  12. Comm.

    Looks like a clip from Lord of the Rings to me.
  13. Alright thanks, never seen it.
  14. To be honest I'm not sure where it's from, it was just in the 'selection' on this site. My well be Lord of the Rings but I don't know having never seen it.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Good comment from someone who thinks that emmy_lou is a lad :roll:
  16. Thread hi-jacking slightly but it is from Lord of the Rings, he's a Hobbit by the name of Merry IIRC and I'm an anorak and need to lie down.
  17. No, that's a Hobbit by the same of Sam.... ;)

  18. Believe me where I am from, both could easliy be true.

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