Blackrat said:
Hello. Do you like rear ends? I like putting things in rear ends. Things like grenades. Do you like this?
I like forcibly putting milk bottles up, then kicking your shitpipe until it smashes inside.


2_deck_dash said:
I was wondering where you two cunts had got to.
I've only just sobered up following our penalty win against Leeds on tuesday, I'm hanging right out.
RearEnd said:
:D hello ...look forward to chatting, been looking around, and find you a crazy gang
I'm crazy for kicking fat-arsed blonde chatty mongs on their phones that insist on letting machines take them everywhere without walking square on the back going down those shopping escalators. If I'm quick enough I can usually catch up in time to cheesegrate their heads into the bottom.
type42stoker said:
Jenny_Dabber said:
type42stoker said:
Jenny_Dabber said:
type42stoker said:
Jenny_Dabber said:
Shall I bring in the butt plugs, now?
Jenny, you say the sweetest things.......... :lol:
Love you to, sweetie pie x
If I were not gay, I'd so go for you....... :wink:
I can still bendover :wink:
And I bet you look gorgeous doing that too...... :wink:
:pukeleft: :pukeleft: :pukeleft: :pukeleft:

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