Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by madashatter, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    As I am new on here I thought i would introduce myself.

    I am 33 and considering joining the Navr as an Air Eng Tech.

    So any info or advice is appreciated


  2. Welcome to the site, my only advice if you want to be a wafu is don't drop the soap.
  3. Might be best not to introduce yourself as 'Hatter' as well.
  4. hi. There should be lots of info on aets etc,waiting times. Use the search facility...it really is very good...
  5. Thanks all for replies.

    Im afraid im a hatter till i die so be it......


  6. A Brown Hatter?
  7. No...

    A Luton Town F.C Hatter...
  8. Is that the PC friendly way of saying that you're a hatter...? :lol:
  9. because 5 star hotel soap is expensive!!!

    Not a good choice of name!!! You'll learn.
  10. SOAP!!! SOAP!!!!! 8O

    Chuffin Wafu's, we got Swarfiga. It was that or scotch bright.

    On a side note, I got recruited in Luton....
  11. I take it the Hatter is navy slang for some sort of sexual orientation or am i reading too much into these posts????????????/
  12. Don't worry, alot of people on here are "Brownhatters" it is just a nickname given to so called newbies. Nothing to worry about :) .
  13. Cheers pal..

  14. :D :D :thumbleft:

  15. :D :D :thumbleft:

    Edited to add so good I posted twice (and IGS threw a wobbly)
  16. If you want a sensible answer PM me.

    Ex Harrier Woo.
  17. My bold.....

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