Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lloydie, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. Hi all i am virtually new to the scene, and have been waiting for ages to join up and in February i am 15 Years and 9 Months, i am undecided whether to join up as a WS or a SS they both appeal to me but dont really know yet which one i am going to choose.

    anyway i hope to learn as much as i can from everybody here and finally choose my career in the Royal Navy.

  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, James!

    What appeals to you in particular about the two different jobs you are considering?
  3. Hey. When i first applied, i was your age and chooseing from the same trades as you. Welcome to the site, and just take whats thrown at you :) .
  4. WS appeals because the use of computers and the actual fact that you find the targets, but SS sounds more sailorish, actually firing the high calibres, steering the ship being on lookout, mooring and protecting along with other things
  5. there both very similar roles mate i have applyed for ws just waiting on me joinin date. ws is not always on computers your some times outside aswell as for ss i could not say anythink on that
  6. James, good to see someone of your age can actually spell and use decent punctuation. There is still hope.

    cya l8r n gud luk innit.
  7. Except he missed out a full stop at the end of his last post :D .

  8. So did you, :roll: Unless you think that this effort is going to cut it.
  9. My mistake, all sorted now though. :wink:
  10. Crafty moves ;)
  11. WS and SS are two good choices in my view. These were the two roles that I had to choose between. In the end, SS did it for me, simply because I didn't feel I had the right skills to join as WS.

    If I had the right skills, WS would have come up on top.
  12. too be honest the SS role seems much more appealing than the WS role purely because there is much more to do than as a WS. <<Full Stop :p
  13. Ah...welcome..so I'm guessing here but...you wouldn't happen to be James Lloyd by any chance? :lol: :roll:
  14. Polto, you wouldn't happen to be Mystic Meg by any chance? :lol:
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That only happened a couple of times, it was over the same weekend and he was off duty. (He prefers not to talk about his other life) :wink:
  16. Damn...my secret's out. I'm going to have to kiiiil you alll. :lol:
  17. Don't worry Polto old chap, they never mentioned the hamsters or swarfega...................sh1t :oops:
  18. Damn it never was any good at disguises, anyway had the navy come into school today, was pretty good, told me everything i needed to know and i think i have decided that SS is more my type of job, but quick question,

    If i join up as SS after a few or more years in SS can i transfer to WS??

    ^ Probably a really noob question sorry.
  19. I think you can go straight into the Gestapo if you play your cards right.
  20. You absolute legend. We need more 16 year olds in the Mob, especially ones with basic literacy skills. Joining at 16 was the best thing I ever did mate, good choice. I was an OM(W) (the precursor to WS) and I really enjoyed it for the most part, I'd recommend that if you want to fire the big guns. Sea specs do a bit of GPMG and that now and again, but as a WS (especially if you specialise in AWW) you'll be messing about with miniguns, 30mm and 20mm cannons before moving onto missiles and awesome stuff like that. You'll spend a lot of time in darkened rooms at stupid hours of the day though. Sea spec is alright if you like going about in boats and mucking about with flashing lights. Both branches do seamanship and part of ship work though, from my experience it was the WS lot that do most of it! Whatever your choice, good luck.

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