Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Bax37, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. Just posting to say hello to everyone.
    New forum member and I hope to join the royal navy within the next year. Was hoping to join sooner but I just started excercising for the first time in my life pretty much (im a fatass) and realised how unfit I actually am. Quit smoking 4 weeks ago and that is going well though so slowly but surely hopefully.

    I'm not much of a poster, I normally just read posts. So far this forum looks like a great place for me, most people seem pretty safe and all that. I got a few questions which I will probably bother you all with at a later date. In America at the moment spending time with my dad for a few months so Internet isn't on my high list of priorities.

    Just thought I would introduce myself because it's more polite then just lurking in the shadows spying on all of you ;)
  2. Welcome to the site, what branch were you thinking of?
  3. I think you should take the waiting times into consideration, some of them are up to 2 years long now. Perhaps you could build up your fitness during the application process otherwise it may be a long wait!
  4. I was thinking of doing seamanship in the RN. So far it sounds like the job most suited to me and seems really interesting but I havn't done extensive research into it or any other jobs. I've just read the booklet I was given at my careers meeting. Thing is I have 300 ucas points but am thinking it may be better to start from the bottom and work my way up to an officer job. I've never thought too highly of my a level grades and points because it was a piece of piss. Was thinking it would make me a better officer in the long run if i started at the bottom and understood that position. Besides the fact the seamanship job sounds alot more up my street than any of the officer jobs I have looked at.

    I don't know though I could just be an idiot thinking that I truly have no idea how most of the navy works in that respect, the careers guy in my interview seemed a bit confused when I asked him the best route to take and said it was up to me which is fair enough. I've always worked in manual jobs like warehouses or production lines so I've always been at the bottom of the ladder which is where I guess I am the most happy. I hate my brain.

    Thanks for the welcome aswell.

    Edit: Damn 2 years? I didn't realise it was that long, guy at my interview said it took between 3-6 months. Thanks for the tip I might look further into that and take it into consideration.
  5. If you have that many UCAS points then my advice would be to try for Occiffer :p
  6. Up to you my friend, as long as you won't get p!ssed off being ordered about by folks who may or may not be less apt than yourself.
  7. Up to 2 years, it depends on which branch you choose as some are more popular than others. I believe the wait for Seamanship specialist is now 18 - 22 months.
  8. The waiting time for Seaman Spec is indeed 18 months. Time is calculated from when you sit the RT.
  9. Soleil, out of curiosity, are you privvy to the main reason for the extra large waiting times?

    I mean, assuming it isn't merely high-volume applications..
  10. R077

    Over the past couple of years, some of the branches have been restructured within the Navy; this meant that some of the branches were already close to being fully manned. The overall impact of this is that the RN does not need to top up the existing manpower in certain branches.

    Furthermore, some branches are actually quite small eg MA (roughly one per ship) and so their requirement is, logically, also quite small.

    Lastly, since the beginning of this year, all Careers Offices have seen a VAST increase in the number of people seeking employment.
  11. Soleil, thanks kindly.
  12. Oh dear oh dear.

    Anyone know of any jobs in the RN that are highly needed? I could always look at some of those (if they exist) and see if anything is interesting enough for me to want to apply for. Not that I don't have the patience to wait but if i can be more use somewhere else and it seems interesting I might aswell really.
  13. Constructor Officers! :D
  14. That doesn't seem to bother 98% of the non-comissioned ranks, all in a days work that. :wink:

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