Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Lil_Minx, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. I'm sat in my office, bored as hell,
    Wondered how many of you were as well!!

    Been in the mob for a couple of year-
    So thought I'd say to all off you here!!

    Would rather be in my local with a glass of wine-
    But shall wait for Secure, and have one at mine!!!!!!!!!

    Hello to you all

    The Lil Minx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. in reply to your brilliant ode

    i have one of my own

    sat in my office having a bash
    getting a bit worried about the size of the rash

    nothing to do getting very bored
    roll on 1600 so i can get out of this shithole
  3. LOL :thumright:
  4. Here I sit, broken hearted.
    Paid a penny and only farted.
    Yesterday I was more artful.
    Got in free and did a cartful.

    Not exactly snowers here either. Roll on 16-dubs.
  5. What a shower of loafers you lot are. If you haven't got much to do then get out there and help an oppo who has more than enough.

  6. why the f*ck would i want to do that for - i like sitting here all day with nowt on /to do
  7. Work when it's busy. Loaf when it's not.
    As my last boss said, "If you've got nothing to do, don't do it here".
  8. ... and we wonder why we're in so much crap these days? What ever happened to setting an example to others or taking a little pride in the job and the Service?

    Very, very sad!


  9. You after promotion?
  10. i do have pride - it takes a ot of preening to get this ego ready every morning

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