Hello :)

Welcome onboard. Teased...... erm..... might get some ear bashing for other reasons though.... oh but I forgot, that sort of thing is outlawed now ;)
Welcome Adam, I suspect Ninja Stoker will be along shortly to point you to the links for recruitment. As for the glasses, if you opt for wearing any of the lovely offerings of the Forces' eyewear, you may...ok, you will...have some comments regarding the birth control effect of them.

Eyeglasses issued for combat, also have a birth control effect but never fear, you won't be alone. Many of your oppos will have on their beer goggles when you are on a run ashore so you'll get your turn about for teasing.

dont worry about the glasses, what you should be worried about is your negativity attitude - [email protected] make a great RM

afghany - incoming mortar fire - i dont think your oppos will give a shit about your glasses, they may care though about your soft attitude
Er excuse me, but you've been rejected by the Royal Navy for eyesight and so your second option is the Royal Marines?
What makes you think the Corps requirements are any less demanding than the Navy's, do SAs (Store Accountants) in the Andrew require a better eyesight standard than a Gash Hand Marine? Perhaps, those blankets must require careful scrutiny during the monthly stocktake.
What job were you applying for in the RN? Pilot, Mine Clearance Diver etc etc Did it require a specific score on the eyesight test?
If so lower your sights a little, if you want to serve in the Navy, go Navy. Taking the Royal Marines as a second option, IMO, is asking for failure.
Good luck.
Have you been given an explanation in detail as to why you have been turned down for entry into the RN? It can't just be the fact that you wear glasses!

Re wearing glasses as a Royal Marine, you might find it a hindrance if you're, say swimming in some ditch; what happens if they come off?; or even just running in the rain.

Is your AFCO CA being helpful?


Lantern Swinger
Im certainly no expert bt i would have thought that the bootnecks would require a better eyesight score than the RN seeing as its more active duties/dangerous senarios which would require sharp thinking AND eyesight but thats just my opinion
Agree with the above comments. Not an expert on medical requirements but would be very surprised if someone who failed anything medically for the RN would then get RM as a second choice!

Steely eyed killers, courtesy Spec-Savers just doesn't sound right.

Good oppo of mine is a WO2 signaller, and he wears specs most of the time though. Good luck anyhow.


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Quite likely the individual was below Visual Acuity (VA) standard Two and as such is ineligible to join any of the Warfare trades, presumably the first option, dependent on the Recruiting Test score.

The Royal Marines allow VA3, however anyone who did not consider the Royal Marines as a first choice would be ill-advised to consider it as a fall back option.

The other option for people in this particular situation is to re-sit the recruiting test after 12 months, having done some consolidated academic tuition & revision and try to score sufficiently high enough to be eligible to apply for the technician trades or logistic trades which accept a lower eyesight standard but require a higher level of technical training ability.

My advice would be to go for the latter option unless the Royal Marines were genuinely a bona fide consideration from the outset.

PS: Forget the aesthetic aspects of wearing glasses- can you realistically do the job?
I concur with Ninja Stokers thoughts on this matter.

If you didn't want the RM's to start with are you really going to have the drive and determination to complete 32 weeks of rigourous training to gain the coveted "Green beret".

Talk to your Careers advisor

Neil - Supermario


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yorkshireadam said:
Hi, I'm adam 15 male west yorkshire. I will hopefully soon be joining the royal marines after being rejected from the royal navy for my eyesight needs. (glasses) :p. I've just been wondering if glasses get in the way in the forces? will i get teased? will they be uncomfortable? Thanks, and nice to meet you all.
If getting teased worries you, I'd look at a career away from the Armed Services, there's a constant stream of piss taking and it gets better if you bite.

Why not be a Crab? Thats the nearest you can get to being a Serviceman without actually being one :dwarf:
One of the main reasons that people wanted a couple of further details, Adam, is that some of the members who put replies onto the forum are actually Careers Advisors in Armed Forces Careers Offices, who put in a bit of extra time outside their offices giving guidance to potential recruits who ask questions on Rum Ration. I asked you for some further information because I knew that they could give you more detailed help, once they had more information. It's a pity that you've asked for the post to be closed in the same post in which you gave the new information, as I know that they would have come back to you with further help which would have really been useful to you, such as opportunities of which you were not aware and potentially useful contacts. We're very fortunate that they do this on the forum, IMHO.


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I may have misread your post, but are you discounting some jobs due to being under 17 1/2? If so, would it not be a lot better to wait until you are the required age?

Well said soleil
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