Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Spunky, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Thought i may aswell sign up and get used to the Naval Community before i get in (fingers crossed).

    I am a 25 guy and currently in the process of joining the Navy, although still early on. I assume 25 is quite old for a recruit? not that i'm particularly bothered. I am going for Communication Technician, so i'll be ancient by the time i qualify :lol:

    I have done all the enquiries and appled etc. I had my aptitude test pre Christmas which i passed and had my Interview last week, which i passed. I have my medical Wednesday and then obviously my PJFT whenever i decide within 28 days.

    I'm sure i'll have lots of repetitive questions to bore you guys with at some point, but i'll save them until i've passed my Medical & PJFT (fingers crossed).

    So for now it's a quick Hello and glad to be onboard.
  2. Welcome Scott....have a trawl through the stickys as there is loads of valuable info there. :thumright:
  3. Hello Scott, welcome :)

    As Stirling says, have a trawl around, theres loads of info loafing about and we have a few CT types here too. I think Squirrel is one.

    I don't think 25 is to old to join up, although if you were joining as something other than CT then you may notice the age difference onboard more. But accelerated advancement should help.
  4. welcome scott you will get lots of support from the guys on here ,what made you decide to join up at 25
  5. Welcome to RumRation Scott , all good fun & a good source of information .
  6. Thanks for the welcome everyone.

    The reason i have waited this long is because i've lacked direction to be honest. Left school, went to college and chose whatever seemed okay. I then decided to go to uni, but only last minute as i didn't really want to go, but wasn't sure what else i could/should do. I'm not thick or lazy or anything like that, i just lacked a goal or direction to take my life, so i just went along with the flow to a degree.

    I did 18 months at Uni and gradually tired of it. it's not that i couldn't hack it or anything, my grades were fine, i just didn't particularly like the course i was on. I weighed up my choices and becoming more and more unhappy just to get a degree didn't seem like a good option to me. Plenty of people make great successes of their lives without one.

    I have spent the last 3 years just working in a petrol station, as it allowed me to go traveliing on and off. Australia, World Cup, L.A, N.Y, etc. But obviously that wasn't a career choice it was convenient for me to travel and experience things whilst i was still young-ish.

    I was planning on going to Asia next year with a friend for one last adventure and putting of a "career" until 2008/2009, but i just reached a point were i realised although my life is good, i'm p*ssing away my future really. So i started to look around at my options.

    I wanted to do something interesting, where i matter, can make a difference, secure job, decent wage etc. So my options as i saw them were Police, Fie, Navy, RAF, Army etc. I had a look at some and the Navy stood out a mile for me.

    I might be somewhat old for a usual recruit, but the choices i made earlier in my life were exactly that, my choices. I don't regret them as i've travelled abit and experienced abit of life so i can't complain. I might get a different experience at first from the Navy being older but i'm looking at this as my career and my future. So hopefully i will do 18 years full service and experience everything the Navy has to offer.
  7. Welcome Scott. Golly!
  8. Kewl Scotty ,the RN is an adventure,it will take you to what ever you want in life,the only thing it really asks back is committment and a positive focussed attitude,Ninja Stoker is the man to ask regarding regulations , best of luck with your career :thumright:
  9. Cheers guys. :)
  10. Welcome Matey i am 24 so your only ahead of me by a year.
  11. Welcome Matey i am 24 so your only ahead of me by a year.
  12. Your not old...im also 25 and am off to raleigh in a few weeks, i have met someone on here who is even older than that so dont worry. A bit of life experience isnt a bad thing! Good Luck!
  13. In the grand scheme i'm not old obviously, but judging from my exam group i'd say the average age was 19 with 2 of those being 16. So in the recruitment phase i assumed i might be quite old.

    Good to see others my age might be there.

    Good luck at Raleigh.
  14. You might seem old but you'd be surprised mate, I was 24 when i went in and DH was 31! Majority are younger but in some ways in can be good as you are looked up on (sometimes!)

    Enjoy and all the best

  15. I was in exactly the same position, when i did my exam it felt like i had walked in on the SAT's!
    But through speaking to other folk on here and stuff it has put my mind at ease and i do think it can be a positive thing (at least you can have a beer....the 16yr olds cant...lol)
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome ScottC

    As has been already stated you may not be the oldest in your entry, you can join up until your 37th birthday, so plenty older have already joined.

    The more mature individual is usually looked-up to and often relied upon to help those less experienced in general life-skills than they. The more responsible individuals are usually appointed Class Leader or Deputy which is a good start, but does put a little more pressure on the individuals to perform well.
  17. Not too old mate I'm 25 and have my entry date on the 4th may.
    As everyone else has mentioned before there is loads of useful info on the newbies section in the forums for applicants.
    Good luck with your application mate :thumright: :thumright:
  18. Thanks :)

    Good luck to you too. Hopefully i won't be too far behind you....

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