Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wintle, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello there everyone, been scanning the pages for a few weeks and thought id say hello.

    At the mo I am at the interview stage in an app to join the royals. Pretty excited but cacking it over getting my fitness up in time. Still, keep cracking on and all that!

    Anyway, im looking forward to getting stuck into the banter with you all, there certainly seems to be a few characters around here!

  2. hi babe and welcome xxxxxxxxxxxx BH x
  3. All the best wintle , go crack it , keep us all posted on your progress . :thumright:
  4. All the best and enjoy!
  5. TVM for your kind words everyone. Glad to be on board.

    Anyone with any royals exp, fitness tips and advice would be welcome.
  6. the only royals i knew (4asrm) were more worried about bronzing on the FX while we dabbers were trying to scrub / paint / do an anchoring than they were fitness!!
  7. LOL maybe that will be me in a few years, sadly at the mo I have to be hanging out every bloody day to prepare and al that.

    You still serving or left?
  8. Hello mate, welcome to the site :)
    If you have a trawl around the newbies and booties forums, you will find stacks of info about fizz ;)
  9. Top choice of username by the way :)


    Halting at the bed side of a soldier critically ill with a mastoid infection, Wintle snapped: "It is an offense for a dragoon to die in bed. You will get better at once. And when you do, see that you get your hair cut."
  10. Oh is that the actual quote? I got the one on my sig from wikipedia( sorry), I read the article on him the other day, PMSL, that fella should have been PM!
  11. Its all subjective after this amount of time mate, I just got it from Time Magazine :)
  12. haha great stuff, was just having a sniff around amazon for his autobiography, £108! Think i'll do without in that case.
  13. Bloody hell!
    Whats it written on?
  14. Left in april after a grand total of 16 1/2 yrs done- dead proud and blah blah, would have stayed but OH didnt like the idea of holding the kids when i deployed!!!!!

    best of luck babe, we're all here for u , take the sh1t on the chin and you'll be fine xx BH
  15. Listen to her Wintle, she's got lovely blarts! :rendeer: :rendeer:
    (So hubby says [​IMG] )
  16. Hehe, ill be extra nice to her then ;)
  17. HER has a name and its ex Leading Seaman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to u Naval rate type person!!!

    edited- oop!
  18. Sorry oh gorgeous one! :D
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hiya Wintle welcome to Rum Ration!

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